Third Pregnancy: Third Trimester Reflections

In some ways I feel like this pregnancy has been a long one. The relentless nausea and fatigue of the first trimester probably has a lot to do with it.

But in other ways, I am a little surprised that we just hit the 38 + week mark. Yes, I’ve officially made it to full term and, once again, I am pretty damn amazed at the wonder that is the human body.  Sure, I may not *fall* pregnant easily, but this ol’ body of mine has now grown and carried three beautiful babies to full term, all within the space of 5 years, which feels rather wonderful in itself.

So how has the third trimester treated me this third time around?

(25 weeks, 30 weeks, 36 weeks)

I’m feeling large, despite most people saying that I look ‘small’ , and I’m pretty sure I’m in the waddle-phase. But I am grateful that I have been able to keep up with my daily walks, something I wasn’t all that consistent with in my previous pregnancies,  and I am hopeful that the regular exercise will assist with the recovery phase.

I’m not sure whether it is due to the regular walking, or perhaps the baby is just sitting differently, but I am pleased to report that I have suffered none of the pelvic pain (SPD) that plagued me throughout my pregnancy with Little J. Over the last few weeks I’ve had some pretty intense shooting pains down the back of my upper leg / hip / area, but I think that might have something to do with the baby pressing on a particular nerve? Sure, they are painful and will stop me in my tracks for a moment (and elicit a curse word or two), but they are nowhere near as frustrating as the daily SPD pain.

(36 weeks – round 1, 2, and 3. Not much difference really – except for the bags under my eyes!!)

Perhaps the biggest shock of the third trimester was being diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes – something I never considered would be an issue.  I’ve eaten healthier this pregnancy than in my others, and managed to walk around 5km each day, even with the nausea of the first trimester.  But, despite this,  it seems my body likes to dump a little glucose into my system overnight while I am sleeping, so I continue to have high fasting levels when I wake up – and no amount of diet watching or exercise was working to correct it. As a result? I’ve now been introduced to the world of endocrinology, the national diabetes scheme and blood-glucose monitors. I’m having insulin before bed at night, which is not too bad, and my doctors tell me everything should correct itself once the baby is born. Fingers crossed!

Symptoms aside, I am most definitely at the stage where I just want our newest family member to be here. I finished up at work a week or so ago, which has been nice. I was tempted to stay a little longer, but my family encouraged me to finish up and have a couple weeks “off” before the baby arrives. And I am pretty grateful for that encouragement (if not for the fact I no longer have to try and squeeze into the last few corporate work dresses that fit…)

I’m not all that great at sitting still, though, so being at home has meant that the nesting urge has been in full swing. I finally pulled all our baby things out of storage, washed a bunch of clothes, reorganised my linen cupboard and pantry, tackled the office filing pile, and can’t help but find more things to add to my ‘to do’ list.

The freezer is also stocked with lots of ready-made meals that I have been preparing over the last few weeks or so. Casseroles, stews, pulled pork, lasagne, pasta sauce – you name it, its probably in there. I figure these will come in handy while I am in hospital, and also for the first week or so when  I get home. So much for cleaning out the freezer recently.

Although there is, if I’m honest, no great rush to get everything done for unlike after my other pregnancies, I’ve decided to take a little extra time off work this time around. I’ll still be helping with bookkeeping for my husband’s business, but I’m not due back into the office until the New Year. My longest time off work since I was 17!

Another big focus recently has been spending as much time with the girls before their little sister arrives (not only because we are acutely aware that getting out and about with 3 kids of varying ages will take some getting used to!).  We’ve taken lots of walks, headed up to Corin Forest for some snow play, and generally just been making the most of these last few weeks as a family of 4.

It’s been lovely to have some one-on-one time with each of the girls too. Little J and I had a great morning at the playground while her big sister was at school, then it was off to the toy shop – stopping for milk and cookies along the way. I’m not 100% convinced that she really understands what is going on – although her daycare teachers mentioned she told them that the baby is coming soon – so maybe she understands more than I give her credit for…

Miss C and I also took advantage of the school holidays and had a girl’s day out at the movies, followed by lunch. She seems to be very aware that home life is about to change, but as long as the baby doesn’t play with her ‘beanie-boos’ I’m pretty sure she will cope just fine. In fact, I have no doubt she will be a huge help in the coming weeks.

Overall, this third pregnancy has been…well…different. Not only because of all the physical reasons I’ve already spoken about, but also because of the  emotional ones too. Life with active  5 and 2 year olds meant that I had very little time to really think about being pregnant at all. There were still the hours to be billed at work, books to be audited,  the never-ending loads of washing to be done and meals to be prepared… yes pre-pregnancy life went on as usual – just with the addition of a basketball belly to contend with when packing up the kids toys at the end of the day! Don’t get me wrong, I am so very grateful to have carried three beautiful babies to full term , I just don’t feel that I have had any pregnancy ‘glow’ this third time round.

And at 38+ weeks, I can safely say that we are more than ready to meet our newest little one!! Now if we could only decide on a name….

Second Pregnancy – Third Trimester Reflections

As we get down to the ‘business’ end of this pregnancy, I figured it would be lovely to take a step back and reflect on the third trimester. For this baby could come any time now, and the countdown is officially on. You can catch up on my other pregnancy posts here:

Apologies in advance for all the gratuitous bump pics…. Mind In some ways, this pregnancy has flown by. In other way – I feel as if we have been on the fertility / IVF / pregnancy rollercoaster for all too long. I look back at photos from the last 2 years – and can pretty much tell you where we were up to in every single one. 2v9 - Copy If I’m to be honest, this pregnancy was not as ‘easy’ as my first. Physically, it was harder, which meant ‘mentally’ it felt harder too. But I’ve consciously taken a step back to reflect on all the wonderful aspects. The fact that I have, thus far, had another low risk pregnancy with no complications – now that is something to be grateful for. But the tiredness…….oh my god the tiredness! Body I’ll let the photos do the talking… monthsfivetonine - Copy Months 5 to 9….quite a change! Similar to my last pregnancy – things in the ‘bump growth’ department seem to have slowed down in the third trimester. Baby BBB is still growing beautifully – however – and we are predicting a bub of similar size to Charlotte. My weight gain was more this pregnancy (my insatiable hunger for carbs having a lot to do with it)  although it seems to have distributed itself a little differently this time around.  IMG_4703 36 (1st v 2nd pregnancy – 36 weeks) I don’t feel as if I have been blessed with the pregnancy glow though, more like a ‘I’m-so-tired-and-hungry’ shimmer… IMG_2539 From 19 weeks I’ve had daily braxton hicks, and lots of pelvic pain – the latter being a symptom I never really had during my first pregnancy. Actually, some days it is so bad that I can barely walk – while other days its not there at all. I saw a physio and got a stability belt which has helped during those bad days, as has trying to keep as active as possible (walking, swimming etc). IMG_2983 Other than that, this baby is a wriggler and a shaker, and I’ve been blessed to feel lots and lots of kicks and movement from very early on. Soul I finished up at work just shy of 37 weeks, with encouragement from Mr BBB, and it was honestly a great (forced) decision. Charlotte and I have been able to spend some fantastic time together – with daily walks, milkshake dates and other such adventures! IMG_2897 IMG_2833IMG_2972IMG_3009 Actually – it is probably C’s impending change from only child to big sister that I am most conscious of as this pregnancy draws to a close. She still affectionately refers to the baby as ‘Broccoli’ (and also tells me she has a baby in her tummy called ‘Rebecca Rabbit’) but whether she has a real understanding that Broccoli will soon be a real-live baby at home – I’m not so sure. But, she is a smart kid who never ceases to amaze me with her adaptability and comprehension – so she will no doubt make an awesome big sister when the time comes! So the third trimester, in summary: How I felt? Sore and tired. Super excited to meet the newest addition to our family in the not too distant future. Super anxious that we still haven’t decided on a name. What I missed? Being able to stand up without feeling dizzy. Oh and the the usual suspects – running, biking and wine….. Symptoms? See above. Pelvic pain, fatigue and dizziness. Oh and I am anaemic….awesome. Cravings?  I’m still on the carb band-wagon. And wishing it was more of a salad bandwagon. Highlights? Lots and lots of beautiful kicks. Oh – and giving the nursery a little makeover. IMG_0004 So there you have it – my final reflections post in what has been a very blessed second pregnancy (again…sincere apologies for all the shameless bump pics!) Needless to say – we can’t wait to meet the newest addition to our family sometime soon!

Pregnancy Update – Week 38

Walking, movies, shopping, chatting…that has been my day today. And, with only 10 days until baby BBB is scheduled to arrive, I can’t help but wonder how many more of these weekly pregnancy updates I will get to do… How far along? 38 weeks, 4 days. And the countdown continues. How big is baby? This week baby BBB has grown to the length of a leek. 38-leek How I’m feeling? Tired. Like first trimester tired. And, as I am trying to consciously slow down and enjoy this time to myself, afternoon naps have been a welcomed addition to my day recently! Weight? Up from last week – although I suspect that has more to do with a pretty hearty appetite this week (and some not so great food choices…) IMG_4929   How I’m changing? I seem to float between feelings of excitement, and feelings of curiosity. Will my waters break? When will I go into labour? Will she come early? late? For someone who loves to plan in advance (and who usually reads the last page of a book before making it very far through the beginning), the suspense is killing me! What I miss? With an abundance of Italian food crossing the dinner table recently, I have missed red wine. Oh how nice a glass of shiraz would be right now… Symptoms? I have been trying to keep fairly active over these last few weeks with daily walks (perhaps better described as ‘waddles’). I have noticed that during and after these walks I develop some fairly annoying pelvic (?) and hip pains, however.  I suspect the hormone, relaxin (responsible for loosening everything up in preparation for birth) as well as baby BBB’s (hopeful) descent are the culprits. IMG_4930 So, in one way, its nice to know that my body is doing what its supposed to (it just doesn’t make moving any easier?!). Cravings? Nothing in particular, although I have generally been rather ravenous this week. And, although I wish I could say that it has been all vegetables, wholegrains and lean proteins, the emergence of cadbury chocolate easter eggs in the supermarket has been a calorific distraction Winking smile Highlights this week? Enjoying week one of maternity leave, finishing our ante natal classes and generally enjoying life. It is really quite surreal to know that in a few short weeks life as we currently know it will be changed forever!

Pregnancy Update – Week 31

Happy Sunday lovely people! Today has been just as most of my recent Sundays have been. A little sleep in, brunching with Mr BBB, followed by some pottering around the house. And trying to muster the energy / motivation to tackle one of the bigger jobs on our list (cluttered messy garage….I’m looking at you!!!!) But Sunday also means…time for a weekly pregnancy update. How far along? 31 weeks 4 days How big is baby? This week baby BBB has grown to the size/weight(?) of 4 oranges. 31-oranges Kinda makes me feel awkward about having freshly squeezed orange juice with brunch this morning Winking smile  How I’m feeling? This week was a hot one, with temperatures reaching in excess of 35C. And, while I had heard that being pregnant during Summer can be quite uncomfortable, being someone who loves Summer I didn’t think much of it. However, the horrified stare Mr BBB gave me when he arrived home from work last Tuesday and found me looking rather "hot and bothered", has made me think that am not perhaps coping with the heat as much as I thought I would 😉 Weight? Up, but on track. IMG_4362 How I’m changing? I can most certainly tell that baby BBB has had a growth spurt over the last couple of weeks, with the extra weight weight resulting in a slower pace during our evening walks. I am so happy that we are still getting out for walks most evenings, albeit slow ones, covering between 2 – 5 km depending on how I am feeling and how much time we have. What I miss? Running and bike riding! While walking is nice, it is not the running and bike riding that I love so much. I really can’t wait to get back into them! Symptoms? The tiredness of the first trimester is starting to creep back in, which is quite usual during this stage of pregnancy apparently. By mid afternoon I find myself craving a nap (which is fine on weekends, but not so fine during the work week). IMG_4365 Other than that, I am continuing to feel very well and healthy, with no problems sleeping or the like. Cravings? Again, I am still loving freshly squeezed juice! The fresher and the colder the better. Highlights this week? Continuing to prepare for our daughter’s arrival has certainly been a highlight of this week. IMG_4366 We are now the proud owners of our very own pram, and I must admit that seeing it sitting in the corner of the room is both exciting and scary at the same time! I also framed some pictures for the nursery, and am just now waiting on a chair and some shelves to arrive before I can put on the finishing touches.

Pregnancy Update – Week 28

Happy Sunday lovely people! There has been a lot of brunching, baking and sweet treating making in the BBB household today, which I can’t wait to share with you throughout the week. But Sunday means – time for another pregnancy update! How far along? 28 weeks 4 days. Farewell to the second trimester, and hello to the third Trimester! I thought it would be the opportune time to see just how much has changed over the last trimester. secondtrimester And when you put the photos together side by side, well the changes really do speak for themselves! How big is baby? This week baby BBB has grown to the size of a Chinese Cabbage. week28chinesecabbage How I’m feeling? Sore. I  really overdid it when volunteering at the Half Ironman last week, and my back and shoulders ached terribly for the first half of the week. I felt like an old lady every time I got up from sitting down, and even needed Mr BBB to give me a little ‘boost’ to get up a few times lol. Weight? About the same as last week.  IMG_3912 How I’m changing? Mentally, I am learning to go easy on myself and accept that it is ok to have quiet days! I think the physical tiredness and soreness after overdoing it last week was a big wake up call, and from now on this gal is taking it easy whenever she can! What I miss? Sleeping on my tummy. While I have been fortunate enough to continue to have relatively great sleep, I do miss being able to sleep on my tummy, and generally be able to roll over without it being a big deal to do so Winking smile  Symptoms? I don’t know whether it is heartburn, or reflux, but I have had some interesting "moments" this week after eating relatively simple meals. The GF toast I routinely have for breakfast sat in my upper tummy / chest terribly for hours on end the other morning, making me think that the quite common pregnancy heartburn may have finally arrived? IMG_3913 So white….so very white! Cravings? Nothing springs to mind. Although the freshly squeezed orange, apple and pineapple juice I had at brunch really hit the spot. Highlights this week? Reaching the third trimester, and continuing to feel so blessed for a happy and healthy pregnancy thus far.