Our family words for 2019

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I am not all that into new year resolutions. Don’t get me wrong, I do love the freshness that a new year brings. I love having the opportunity to sit back and reflect on the moments we treasured, and also the areas of our life that we could have invested more time in. But rather than set ourselves small tangible goals, I prefer to think about some words that we can focus on during the year ahead.

And this year is no different. Three words, three focuses for our little family.

Adventure. I think this one goes without saying. For when I look back at the year that was, it is the adventures that we took that make me really smile. Holidays, beach days, bike riding, hikes, museum visits…you name it. Getting out of the house and sharing the world with the kids is something that I find so fulfilling, and I just know that they love it too! So this year, our quest for adventure continues! I’ve got a few big plans in mind, and lots of other little things too…

Knowledge. When I was younger, I had voracious appetite for books, writing and learning. I don’t know what happened, perhaps it is the inevitable fatigue that comes with having 3 young kids (?), but I could count the books that I have read in the last 6 years on one hand. It’s sad really. So this year I want to find more time to read, to watch documentaries, and to learn.

Kindness. Over the last year or so, we have trialled various pocket money ideas – but none have really sat right with me. For it seemed as though I was forking out money for jobs the kids should really have been doing anyway – and the cash would just be spent on some trinket that would be lost or forgotten in a manner of days. Or hours. This year we are doing things a little differently. Inspired by the Barefoot Investor, the girls have kindness jars. When we observe them engaging in an act of kindness, they will get a coin to put in one of the jars – with a choice that it can be to spend, to save or to give. I think it will nice for them to see their efforts over the year, and to decide where their collections will ultimately be put towards.

So there you have it! Our family words for 2019! What are your words for the new year?

My words for 2017

I’m not one for resolutions, but I do appreciate the freshness of a new year. The chance to sit back and reflect on the year that was – what worked and what didn’t – and make some goals for the year to come.

We’ve worked hard over the last few years to get more balance back in our family life. And while it still remains a work in progress, it’s something that we think about, and talk about, often. Time always seems in short supply, and with two littlies in the house I don’t see that changing anytime soon. But making the most of the time we do have, filling it with fun and adventures, well that seems like a pretty good goal to me.

This year I sense that we are again going to be busy. Our calendar is already filling up – and the first half of the year is on its way to being pretty full. Miss C starts big school shortly, and Little J moves into an extra day at daycare, and I’m a bit unsure as to how we are going to fit in all the drop offs and pick ups, the other activities, fitness, family…..

And while I don’t have any resolutions for the year, per se, and I’m reluctant to commit to any firm “plan” (at least until I work out what the new normal is going to be) I do have a few words that I am going to give a little more attention to this year…

  • Create – I’ve missed writing, and creating in the kitchen, and its about time I got back into it. Starting with a more regular blogging schedule and perhaps a few other creative outlets. More recipe experiments, and expanding my knowledge of international cuisine too.
  • Capture –  I love photography, and want to make the conscious effort to grab my ‘good’ camera more. For the memories captured are always so special to me.
  • Focus – On the present, and the small. More moments spent cherishing the little things. Reading more books and writing more letters.
  • Adventure –  Continuing to embrace my love for the outdoors, and sharing this with our girls.

So, just a few words to get me started -on what I am sure is going to be a magical year!

What about you? What are your ‘words’ for 2017?

Bake It, Bike it & Pay it Forward – Giveaway Time!

I have had a lot of fun working with Fitness First over the last 6 months. Their #changeforthebest campaign has seen one reader win a great prize pack,  I’ve swapped workouts with a fellow blogger, I’ve supercharged my fitness with a horse ride and even challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone. What I’ve really enjoyed about this campaign, is the variety. It was about trying new things, and shaking things up once in a while. But fitness is not just about exercise – it is a frame of mind. Health is not about restriction – but about moderation and  balance.  It is a lifestyle. And now, here comes the fun part. For I get to Pay it Forward…. Untitled design (2) Yes one lucky reader will get to take home something to inspire them in the kitchen, and something to help them reach their fitness goals! bloggiveaway The ‘Bake It, Bike It & Pay it Forward’ prize pack includes: 1. Fitness First Pay As You Go – 10 Visit Passport Pass valued at $150. 2. A $150 Rebel Sport Gift Card AND 3. A copy of Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals Cookbook (a book that I use all the time!) All you have to do is leave a comment – and tell me – in 50 words or less – how this prize pack would help you work towards your fitness goals. Terms & Conditions

  • Entries will close on 15 June 2014, and a winner will be announced shortly thereafter.
  • You must be an Australian resident to win.
  • The winner’s answer will be judged on creativity and originality.
  • Please leave a valid email address with your comment, as the winner will be notified by email. If the prize remains unclaimed for 72 hours, a new winner will be selected.
  • Only one entry per person.

I hope you have enjoyed getting to know Fitness First better over the past few months – for they have certainly made some big changes to their brand.  You can stay connected to all the happenings here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FitnessFirstAustralia Twitter: https://twitter.com/FitnessFirstAU #changeforthebest #FitnessFirstAU

Reflections and my 11 in 2011

"Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

At the start of 2010, I made a list of 10 goals for the year ahead. I wanted to make the year memorable, and if I was able to embrace a healthy and happy lifestyle throughout, then I would be one satisfied girl. IMG_6448 Well 2010 came and went, and it sure was a wonderful year.  I baked, I biked and I blogged. IMG_7518 And, at times, mud was involved 😉 I haven’t, however, taken the time to reflect on the goals I made last year, and consider my focus for this year. Actually, truth be told, after a hectic end to 2010, the start of this year has felt quite aimless. IMG_6446   I find myself at the end of January with no real ‘goals’, and therefore no real direction, which is causing me some consternation, particularly given I am the type of person who loves to plan!  And yes, I am aware that it is February and normally these sorts of things are thought about at the start of January lol. Bear with me 😉 I really do believe that there is merit in taking a step back every now and then and seeing where you "are" as against where you want to "be". If the two don’t align, the next step is to work out what changes need to be made. And what road needs to be travelled. P6130439 So let’s start with a reflection on my 2010 goals shall we?

  1. Embrace a healthy lifestyle – Success. I really feel as if I challenged myself in 2010 to focus on the long term when it comes to health. This was my first year wheat-free, and my body thanked me for it. I avoided all colds / illness in 2010 so I must have been doing something right 😉
  2. Spend time doing what I love – Success. 2010 was certainly a year filled with fitness, adventures, blogging, photography and writing!
  3. Build our new house – Success. We moved in in December!
  4. Be a better wife, daughter, sister and friend – In progress.  Sometimes I can get a little carried away in my own affairs, and take my family and friends for granted. I made a real effort in 2010 to spend more time with friends and family, even if it was just a phonecall or email, but this is something I want to continue to work on.
  5. Write letters – FAIL. I don’t think I wrote any letters in 2010. Epic fail indeed!
  6. Adopt a consistent skin care regime – Success! I cleansed / toned and moisturised almost everyday in 2010, and my skin sure thanked me for it.
  7. Try one new recipe a week – Success. This one was actually quite easy, and not to mention fun!
  8. Complete a full distance sprint triathlon – Success. I not only completed a sprint triathlon, but I also completed a half ironman!
  9. Complete a half marathon – Success. I ended up completing 2.
  10. Be more organised, and maintain a clutter free house – In progress. While I have definitely improved in this area, I am working hard on keeping on top of organisation so as to free up more time for number 2 above.

So it seems that by the end of 2010 I was, for the most part, where I wanted to be. Which brings me to the next consideration of where I want to be at the end of 2011. Speaking figuratively not literally of course 😉 With that place in mind, it is time to set my 11 in 2011! Life

  1. Work on preparing our family tree (and hopefully add to it!)
  2. Start compiling a family cookbook.
  3. Continue to furnish and decorate our new house.
  4. Continue to blog regularly, daily where possible.


  1. Complete my 3rd half marathon.
  2. Strength train twice per week.
  3. Run 1000km in 2011 (I am so behind on this already….damn lazy January!)


  1. Find time for creativity.
  2. Treat my body and mind with the respect that it deserves.
  3. Write more letters (yes – a must repeat from 2010!)
  4. Make time for adventures!

Ahhh and there they are! I cannot begin to express how much better it feels having ‘goals’ to work both with and towards in the year ahead. I just know that 2011 is going to be an exciting one! What about you? Where do YOU want to be at the end of 2011? Happy Baking 🙂