Learning can be FUN!

I am sure the Canberra mummies out there will roll their eyes when I tell you I just discovered the magic that is Questacon (The National Science and Technology Centre). IMG_4975 Having a rare morning off, with no work commitments, Charlotte and I made the most of our morning together – and had a wonderful time exploring this local attraction. IMG_4976 Toys, water play, activities and interactive sections – this place certainly had all the right ‘tools’ to keep a curious and active 17 month old entertained. Not to mention her mama, who loved watching her run from one thing to the next, eyes wide and with a big smile. Oh and who also appreciated the “waterproof smocks” supplied for said water play, the cafe and the ample change facilities. IMG_4950SAM_0449SAM_0451 I had smile when Charlotte took a break from all the action, though, having discovered the book section….girl sure does love to “read”! IMG_4977 And while, for now, we spent our time in the Mini Q section, I have no doubt that the other areas will become more appealing when she grows up even more. IMG_4978 So let’s just say, it was a wonderful morning out! So much so I wasted no time in grabbing a two year pass. I see many more trips to Questacon in the future for this family! What about you? Ever been to Questacon?

Father’s Day 2013


It struck me, this past Sunday, just how much has changed over the last year. For on Father’s Day in 2012, Charlotte was more ‘baby’ than ‘toddler’, living in a onesie and chewing on anything and everything that she could get her hands on.  Her hair was more of a fluffy spike, and we were still nursing on demand. This year, however, Charlotte walked into the bedroom to give her Daddy his present, babbling and chatting the entire time.


She sat with us at the dining table and feasted her way through our yum cha brunch.


She explored in the sunshine after her nap, loving the company of her nearest and dearest.


I was able to enjoy a few glasses of wine, without having to worry about nursing schedules. Yet while so much has changed over the last year, so much has stayed wonderfully the same… A close family to share a meal with, and to loiter in the sunshine with – chatting the afternoon away.


An abundance of food gracing our dining table, and a love for cooking and entertaining ever present.


And a delightful homemade sweet treat to end the meal, even if my first attempt had been more ‘flop’ than ‘puff’.


But mostly our day was about the wonderful fathers we are fortunate enough to have in our lives. Loving fathers, kind and gentle fathers, present fathers. And while my Dad was not able to join us (he is interstate), the “Canberra” fathers were celebrated in yum cha style!


And Charlotte and I got to celebrate the bestest Daddy my little girl could have ever wished for!


A Happy Father’s Day indeed!

What a weekend

What a weekend we have just had. More like a ‘4 day mini holiday’ really – and it was just bliss. We drove to Melbourne through the night on Thursday, arriving at 2am or so. It was a tad tough, and many coffees were consumed, but we made it safe and sound and the little Miss even slept most of the way. The drive home yesterday, however, was done during the day, and let’s just say it was not all that fun – with a bub that was well and truly over being in her car seat by the end. IMG_1088 But car trips aside, our weekend was filled with family and fun. We ate and ate, and then ate some more. We travelled to Healesville and stayed in the most gorgeous country cottage. We played lawn bowls, celebrated 3 birthdays, attended a picnic in a lovely bush park, watched the rugby, visited Ikea and just basically‘hung out’. And, as always, I was sad when it came to say goodbye. But here’s a little look into the ‘weekend that was’. IMG_1067    IMG_1025IMG_7849IMG_7790IMG_7780IMG_7785IMG_7793IMG_7801IMG_7800IMG_1042IMG_7832IMG_7854IMG_7866IMG_7868IMG_7873IMG_7885IMG_7903 IMG_1153IMG_1058IMG_1060IMG_1064 IMG_1104IMG_1095 IMG_1135IMG_1145IMG_1165  IMG_1169 What about you? What did you get up to this weekend?

Multicultural Festival 2013

hello *waves* – yes I am still here! Just settling into a new work routine, (Charlotte had her first day in childcare yesterday) and we have been busy catching up with friends and working on the (dreaded) garden beds. But rather than bore you with all of that, let’s focus on the fun part of our weekend – attending this year’s Multicultural Festival. Which was, as always, bustling with energy and (more importantly) a-maaazing food from all around the globe. IMG_0986 Bright and early on Sunday , we packed up the little Miss and headed in for a late morning wander around the stalls. IMG_0971 And, as is normal for these types of events, it wasn’t long until the delicious aromas had our bellies rumbling and we found ourselves lured to all sorts of food stalls. IMG_0973 IMG_0974IMG_0975 IMG_0976 My personal favourites of the day? – A delicious Mallawach wrap (a Jewish Yemeni bread) filled with tomato, ricotta and chilli (I am hoping to make this at home sometime soon). – Some tasty vegetarian kofte, drizzled in a rich tomato sauce – A delightful plate of pad thai IMG_0977IMG_0978 Even the little Miss got in on the action, and tried everything that we did! IMG_0983 But my absolute favourite of the day?? Loukoumades! A Greek fried dough, soaked in sugar syrup and topped with cinnamon and ground nuts. IMG_0989 Oh my lord these were good. Too good. IMG_0999 A perfect family day out!

A family weekend at the Farm

This past weekend, we said goodbye to the city and hello to the country as we took a trip to the family farm. IMG_2372 Charlotte was surrounded with so much love and fun, as  she met many of her cousins, second cousins, great aunties and great uncles for the first time. IMG_2370 The sun was shining, so much delicious party food was eaten, party dresses were worn, horses were patted and a great time was had by all. IMG_2281 But I’ll let some of the photos took do the talking. IMG_2464IMG_2361IMG_2475IMG_2377IMG_2375IMG_2272IMG_2305IMG_2245IMG_2330IMG_2336IMG_2390IMG_2395IMG_2411IMG_2413IMG_2418 - CopyIMG_2484IMG_2490IMG_2491 And finishing with possibly my favourite photo from the weekend… IMG_2347 Bathing in the laundry sink! Too cute Smile What about you? What did you get up to over the weekend?

A spring fling at Floriade

IMG_2104 For those readers who are in Canberra, and perhaps even those further afield, you may have heard of a ‘little’ event that Canberra puts on every year to celebrate Spring. IMG_2120 Floriade! For one month, Canberra goes rather flower crazy as crowds flock to the annual festival to get their fix of vibrant blooms and floral arrangements. IMG_2064IMG_2113 And earlier this week, the little Miss and I made the most of the warm Spring weather to do just that. IMG_2119 We joined the crowds to wander among the gorgeous blooms, enjoying the warmth of the day and relaxing in the sunshine. IMG_2070 Stopping for a picnic lunch on the grass with her little cousins,  entertained by the live music playing in the background. IMG_2072 IMG_2076 It was a perfect day for a wander. Not too hot, not too cold. And so much prettiness to see. IMG_2100IMG_2099IMG_2107IMG_2102IMG_2106IMG_2112 Perhaps it was the allure and aroma of cinnamon flavoured nuts roasting, but I couldn’t resist taking a look through the stalls after lunch. IMG_2061IMG_2096 Picking up a few sweet treats to add to our collection… IMG_2124IMG_2125 And, by the time we headed back to the car, the little Miss looked like this… IMG_2101 Well and truly tuckered out after her adventures in the sun. An enjoyable girls day out indeed.

Fathers, footy and food

If my weekend was to be summed up in 3 words ….”fathers, footy and food” would certainly be my words of choice. IMG_8343 And boy was it wonderful! Miss C loved meeting her “Jonpa” for the first time – and by the smiles on his face, I suspect the feeling was well and truly mutual. IMG_8303 IMG_8309IMG_8307 She also loved the teddy bear he gave her – and wasted no time in giving it her seal of approval…. IMG_8253 yep – straight into her mouth! We rugged up on Saturday, and headed to the local footy for C’s first AFL game… IMG_8264IMG_8268IMG_8270 But when the sun started to disappear, and the temperature dropped along with it, we decided to escape the cold and watch a game from the comforts (and warmth!) of home instead… IMG_8293 Much better! Footy and father’s aside, our weekend was also about food. Perhaps a post for another day, but here is a preview. A baked potato buffet… IMG_8319IMG_8328 Chocolate mousse… IMG_8290 And brunch with all the trimmings… IMG_8332IMG_8333 A meal spent with family… IMG_8336 And memories made. IMG_8340 A delightful weekend all round! What about you? Do you have a unique name for any of your grandparents?

Christmas 2011

Merry Christmas to all! IMG_4236 Mr BBB and I have just returned from a wonderful few days spent with family in Melbourne. And, although the time never seems to be long enough, with many kilometres travelled (and many toilet breaks taken along the way!) we managed to spend at least a little time with each of our nearest and dearest. IMG_4235 Our celebrations began on Christmas Eve, continued all day Christmas Day… xmaslunch2 Well into Boxing Day… xmas And beyond also… IMG_4241 There was food… IMG_4233 xmaslunch So much food… IMG_4225 IMG_4131 IMG_4175 IMG_4115 There were laughs… xmaslunch3 There were presents… xmas2 (even for those of us that can’t yet unwrap them!) IMG_4075 - Copy  IMG_4069 There was a family Boxing Day cricket match, played on a pitch with a farm view… IMG_4197 Spectators… IMG_4172 And baby BBB’s first cricket game being played…. IMG_4205 poorly Winking smile  IMG_4206 There were many walks taken to balance out the abundance of good food. In suburbia… IMG_4085 The country… IMG_4229 IMG_4231 IMG_4232 Past the cows… IMG_4230 And through the bush! IMG_4245  IMG_4251IMG_4247 And there were picnics amongst the trees. IMG_4252 IMG_4253IMG_4255 Overall, our 2011 Christmas celebrations were just as I had hoped. Fun and family filled – but also relaxed and carefree! It’s hard to believe that this time next year we will have a 9 month old daughter along for the ride! What about you? What did you get up to over Christmas?