Milo Bliss Balls

And just like that, our Summer of fun has come to an end. The school shirts are hanging front and centre in the cupboard, new shoes are being broken in, and the notes (oh the notes) are coming home each day.

Back to school also sees the never-ending question of what to pack for lunch. Most days the girls are happy with a sandwich or wrap, or perhaps some leftover pasta, padded out with a selection of fruit, vegetables (and J’s latest favourite – hummus). Actually not a lot has changed in terms of what I send since my last lunch box round-up when C was in kindy.

But I do like to do a little baking each week to add some variety to their afternoon tea, at least.

A favourite? These milo bliss balls – made simply with toasted coconut, brown rice puffs and sunflower seeds, blended together with dates, milo, chia seeds and a little water.

And then the fun started (well for J at least) as we rolled the mixture into balls and dipped them into a little more milo.

(I, on the other hand,*may* not have had as much fun when cleaning stray milo from various nooks and crannies for the next hour…)

But although they proved a little messy to make (when assisted by a certain 4 year old, that is) they were a huge hit in the lunchboxes last week. Not to mention being a rather tasty afternoon tea treat for the grown-ups too!

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Mil Bliss Balls
Course Baking
Course Baking
  1. Process all ingredients together until well combined then rolls into balls. Store in the fridge.
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