A new look and a lemon meringue to celebrate

Hi there! And welcome to my new-look blog. It seems that today was the day for makeovers, for not only did BBB get a new face, I finally got around to getting my hair highlighted (long overdue, let me tell you!) IMG_8765       Another thing I should turn my mind to more often? Lemon meringue pie. For I always talk myself out of making it, due to the various elements involved. When, in reality, the whole process from start to finish can be quite cathartic, and there is nothing more pleasing than watch such a dessert come together over the course of the day. From the pastry – that is created, rested, rolled and then rested again. Baked until golden brown. IMG_8748                             To the lemon curd – and its gorgeously vibrant hue. IMG_8750         Poured into the baked pie shell, and allowed to set. IMG_8752   Before being finished with luscious clouds of meringue, IMG_8754         and baked a little more, until the top has started to brown. IMG_8759     Once I have the finished product before me, its hard not to feel accomplished. For while this dish does take a bit of time to create, the end product is both beautiful in looks, and scrumptious in taste. Yes, Mr Lemon Meringue, I should make you more often. IMG_8762   And yes, Mrs Hairdresser I will try to not leave it so long between visits. Hopefully. What about you? Do you get to the hairdresser regularly?

8 thoughts on “A new look and a lemon meringue to celebrate

  1. We tend to leave the meringue off and just have lemon tart but I do find making lemon curd oddly relaxing. This looks stunning!

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