Chorizo, ricotta and zucchini casarecce

Let’s not focus on the fact that I made this meal back in February and am only getting around to posting about it now. No…let’s focus on the tasty little dish that it turned out to be – using a variety of pasta that was new to me. IMG_7406 Casarecce! IMG_7408 Something akin to a thin twisted penne – that ended up being quite perfect for the meal itself. IMG_7411 Simply – chorizo, garlic, peas and zucchini. Finished with white wine, lemon juice and a sprinkle of ricotta and basil. IMG_7413 Overall – this was a beautifully light and fresh pasta – and a perfect dish for those of us who are not big fans of a heavy creamy sauce. IMG_7414 And perfect for the Summery evening on which it was served. What about you? Ever tried cassarece?

2 thoughts on “Chorizo, ricotta and zucchini casarecce

  1. This is the favourite pasta in our house, it was harder to find a couple of years ago but now it is everywhere..

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