Summer salmon loving

IMG_7267 For a while, I was really diligent at including more fish in our diet (helped too by a fishmonger opening up within walking distance from our home). But that shop closed down, and I have again become relatively non-committal to fish dinners. Not because I don’t like fish, probably more because I am still a tad intimidated by it.  But not such intimidation needed to apply for this recent salmon feast. I marinated the salmon fillets (that the fishmonger had kindly boned and skinned for me) in some lemon zest, juice and oil – then set Mr BBB to work to cook them on the BBQ. haha yep – doesn’t get much easier than that! IMG_7266 I, meanwhile, returned to the comforts of the kitchen and put together some accompaniments. IMG_7273 Starting with a tomato ‘salsa’ of sorts, with juice ripe tomatoes, lemon juice, zest, and coriander. IMG_7272 And a side salad with spinach, red onion, cucumber and …. nectarines! IMG_7269 Despite not normally being a fan of fruit in salads, Mr BBB agreed that it was the perfect ‘sweet’ to the ‘sour’ of the lemony salsa. IMG_7271 Overall – this was a really tasty dish – and one that I think would be perfect for a summer dinner party with friends. Simple to prepare, but packed with flavours – with the added bonus that the salmon can be cooked outside on the BBQ! A winner all round. What about you? Are you a fan of fruit in salads?

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