Gigot d’agneau

Another day, another meal from our weekly menu plan. Looking ahead last week, I knew the weather in Canberra was going to turn sour. Cold, rainy and miserable, in fact. So what better way to warm up from the inside out than with a slow cooked roast – simple to prepare, lengthy in cooking time and – hopefully – rewarding in taste at the end. I looked through a ‘slow cooking’ cookbook and came across this recipe – that caught my attention. IMG_4994 Melt in your mouth lamb roast? Don’t mind if we do! With the added bonus of leftovers for Monday – when things are generally a little hectic in the BBB household. On Saturday night, I prepared the marinade – comprising a whole bottle (?) of red wine, brandy, herbs and vegetables. Then let the lamb and the marinade do their thing overnight in the fridge. IMG_4991 And, while I was out most of the day on Sunday (dance rehearsals?!?!?), Mr BBB jumped on board and browned the lamb, and placed it in the oven to start the long, slow cooking time. Actually – confession – we both misread the recipe and realised too late that the lamb was supposed to cook for 5 hours. Not wanting to eat at 9pm, we shortened the cooking time to 4 hours, which may have resulted in slightly less tenderness than we would have liked. IMG_5000 The flavour, however, was particularly wonderful. And we later processed, strained and reduced that lovely cooking liquid to create a sauce. As for a side dish, we threw together a potato bake. Simply – sliced potatoes, simmered in milk, combined with cream and nutmeg. IMG_4992 Topped with a little grated cheese and baked for an hour or so. IMG_5002 Ahhh yes – this was Sunday night comfort food at its finest. IMG_5004 Moist and tender lamb, a flavoursome jus, and a creamy cheesy potato side. Coupled with a glass of Clare Valley Shiraz, and well I was one happy girl! IMG_5006 Truthfully, though, this was not my favourite slow cooked lamb recipe, but it was still a lovely way to end the weekend. Plus we had lots of lamb leftovers for wraps the next night…stay tuned!l What about you? Are you a fan of the Sunday roast?

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  1. Hi! I have the same cookbook and was thinking of cooking this for Easter. I was Googling other Gigot D'agneau recipes when I came across your post. I know it's a while back now but do you have any tips please? Is the sauce awesome? I need awesome sauce. Thank you.

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