15 minute meal – steak with mushroom sauce

Some meals, you really shouldn’t judge by their appearance. For although they may not be the prettiest of meals, they can still be rather delicious. IMG_1951 Take this Jamie Oliver steak with mushroom sauce recipe, for instance. My end-result  was nothing really special to look at, but it was quite the tasty end to a long day. Mainly because of the delicious mushroom sauce that was served alongside the steak – mushrooms, jazzed up with garlic, brandy and cream… IMG_1953IMG_1954 Then blended into a rich, creamy sauce… IMG_1958 Served with steamed greens, potatoes and extra oyster mushrooms…. IMG_1964 And well I was not complaining one bit! IMG_1966 Not so pretty to photograph, but delicious to eat! What about you? Are you a fan of ‘pretty’ food?

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