Lemon meringue pie

IMG_2925 I have mentioned it once or twice before, I am sure, that Mr BBB’s favourite dessert is lemon meringue pie. So much so, that whenever a baking craving strikes me and I ask him what I should make, he will, without fail, request lemon meringue. IMG_2957 Now, while I love to be an obliging wife, if you have ever made a lemon meringue pie from scratch, you will know that it is not a quick nor a simple dish. Rather there are a number of elements, the pastry, the lemon curd, the meringue, all of which take time. But on one fine day, not that long ago, I found myself with both the time and inclination to grant my dearest husband his dessert wish. And, conveniently, it gave this pastry rookie a chance to work on her pastry making skills, with the help of this little gadget the people at the Kitchenware Superstore were kind enough to send me. IMG_2901 That’s right! A rolling pin with changeable thickness guides to get the pastry even and the perfect thickness (something I am terrible at judging myself!) IMG_2899IMG_2902IMG_2904 So with my 4mm thickness guide in hand, I got to work rolling out the pastry that would form the base of our pie.… IMG_2906IMG_2909 And…..voila! IMG_2910 Perfectly even pastry – cooked until golden brown. IMG_2912 Next, the lemon curd. I followed the Women’s Weekly recipe – and it wasn’t long before the mixture turned from runny into thick glossy curd before my very eyes. IMG_2914 Spooned into the pre-baked crust, and refrigerated for 2 hours (remember I mentioned this recipe takes time….) IMG_2916 Finally, the meringue. Simply egg whites and sugar, beaten until stiff peaks formed, then piled high atop the lemon curd filling. And finished by baking in a hot oven for another 5 minutes or so. IMG_2930 Yes, it takes time. IMG_2925 And yes, it is quite fiddly. IMG_2927 But there really is no denying that the ol’ lemon meringue pie is one impressive dessert. IMG_2929 And there is something just so right about the pastry / lemon curd / meringue combination. IMG_2932 Deliciously right. IMG_2955 What about you? Are you a pro when it comes to making and rolling pastry???

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  1. I love that rolling pin! How fantastic. Your pie looks beautiful too – I am daunted by the concept of lemon meringue pie and have never dared try (despite my husband loving it too!).

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