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I’ve certainly seen cauliflower crust pizzas making their way around the blog world lately. So when a big cauliflower arrived in our weekly grocery box (and having already made cauliflower soup on more than one occasion recently) it was as if the cauli crust gods had spoken, and it was time to give it a try. IMG_3575 I found the below recipe and got to work… IMG_3573 The cauliflower was processed, microwaved for 8 minutes, after which I removed as much liquid as I could. IMG_3579 Throw in an egg, and some grated parmesan, and the cauliflower crust was near complete. It just needed to be pressed onto a lined pizza tray until it resembled a pizza base… IMG_3580IMG_3581 And baked until golden brown (about 30 minutes at 220C). IMG_3582IMG_3583 ps. while doing so, I realised I left the baking pantry open. Miss C had also made this realisation, a few seconds before hand. IMG_3578 Oops…. But back to the pizza….. With the crust nice and golden, it was time to top! Just like you would with any pizza. IMG_3585 Passata, olives, chorizo, thyme and parmesan. Then back into the oven, and baked for a further 8 minutes – until the cheese had melted. IMG_3587 And voila! So what did I think of the overall cauli crust experience? It wasn’t bad, but I wouldn’t say it was awesome either. Sure it is low calorie and low carb (well apart from my chosen toppings lol), and could be a lighter alternative to its doughy counterpart, but I think I prefer my regular chewy pizza crust more. It really was more of a ‘boat’ for the regular pizza flavours, and you certainly couldn’t enjoy a slice using your hands….a definite fork meal! So….I enjoyed the meal, I just didn’t love the meal. Although l would probably still make it again if another cauliflower arrives in our vegetable box.  IMG_3588 I just have to avoid the temptation to compare it with regular pizza (of which it is not). What about you? Have you tried a cauli crust?

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  1. I've made a few cauli pizza bases – still searching for cauli pizza base nirvana – love the idea but it hasn't been quite right – I think I need to bake it more crispy first before the toppings and go easy with the toppings

  2. I pinned it ages ago wanting to try it Lisa but now not so sure. I'll have to check the recipe of the one I pinned. It looks appetising enough though.

    Anne xx

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