Sticky date pudding with butterscotch sauce

IMG_3076 If I was being logical, I would probably present the details of our recent Christmas in July meal in course-order. But it is early, and I’m still suffering the lingering effects of a cold, so let’s just skip to the fun stuff ok? And by fun stuff I mean dessert. Of course. Which on this particular occasion was one of my all time favourites – sticky date pudding, with butterscotch sauce, double cream and almond biscotti. IMG_3063 And while I cheated and purchased the biscotti from my local grocer, the rest was made from scratch over the course of the afternoon. Then set aside, and reheated when the main course dishes had been cleared from the table. IMG_3064 One thing I noticed about this version, was that the ‘pudding’ itself was not overly sweet. Filled with those beautiful dates, yes, but not too sickly sweet as some puddings can be. IMG_3070 The butterscotch sauce, on the other hand, was a sweet syrupy overload, so only a little was needed. Though, the double cream also cut through some of the sweetness just perfectly. IMG_3074 I followed this recipe here, and used muffin tins to create the individual puddings. As to the cooking time, I shortened the initial baking time by 5 minutes, knowing that I would be reheating them later on, and they didn’t dry out in the process. Another tip – the recipe makes a lot of butterscotch sauce – and given how rich it is – a little goes a long way. So you are likely to have some leftover. What about you? Are you a fan of sticky date pudding?

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  1. Looooooove sticky date pudding but I get rather put off when I make the sauce … it's all looks slightly sickly dumped into a saucepan together. So last time I cheated and bought it from the bakery across the road (so at least I knew it was 'home made' and not a packet).

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