6 things Friday, I Phone edition

While I am usually the one to lug my DSLR around whenever we go out on adventures, sometimes the convenience (size, and weight!) of my humble phone and its camera wins out. And then there are the times that it is the only ‘camera’ within reach, when certain moments present themselves.  So here is my I-phone addition of 6 things Friday. Yes 6, because I can’t count apparently! 1. We are trying, as best we can, to make the most of the ‘less freezing’ parts of the day and get some fresh air. IMG_3946IMG_4031 Even if it is just for a little play or chasing the kitties around the yard. 2. Sometimes, however, the weather is so bitterly cold and rainy that an indoor workout is on the cards. Be it some time on the elliptical, or a spin on the stationary bike, whatever it takes to get the heart pumping! IMG_3972 (ps. I have no idea why it looks like I have a black eye in that pic?!) 3. But be assured, when the opportunity presents itself, I return to my true love. Running outdoors. IMG_3987 Exploring new paths, finding new running routes, and taking in all the beauty around me. 4. Have I mentioned lately how much this girl makes me smile. No matter how crappy the day has been, no matter how much sleep is lacking. IMG_3999 Although I’d be lying if I said that her growing up so quickly doesn’t bother me. Where has the time gone?! 5. Despite the above, this next pic sums up our last month or so pretty well. Charlotte has been struggling with recurrent colds / ear infections, that have seen many a sleepless night. IMG_3855 Made all the more worse when I dropped a brand new, unopened, bottle of her antibiotics on the floor when I got home from the doc. 5. I think “cold” must be the theme of the week (rather unsurprising when you consider that it is Winter in Canberra), but we FROZE our way through a rugby game last weekend and watched our beloved Brumbies make it through to the semi finals. IMG_4138 At least this week we can cheer them on from the comforts of our warm lounge room. What about you? Do you use your phone’s camera or prefer to keep to traditional cameras?

3 thoughts on “6 things Friday, I Phone edition

  1. Sorry to hear Miss C is not well lately – the cold weather does make a difference and it is terrible when you can't get out for some fresh air! When I saw the broken medicine bottle I was reminded of sylvia struggling to avoid medicine one day and spilling it everywhere – that really was the last straw! We are over halfway through winter at least!!!!

  2. As much as I would like to start using our 'normal' cameras more often I generally feel too self conscious carrying them around so most of my non-holiday photos are taken on the phone.

    I'm with Lorraine, that first pic is gorgeous!

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