Easy sweet tartlets

IMG_2111_thumb “Bring a plate to share”. I am sure you know the brief. I am sure that you also know that it can lead to days / weeks of deliberation as to what you should bring. On this particular occasion, we were invited to an afternoon cocktail party. I knew there would be lots of good food to share, so I didn’t want to go overboard. But I also wanted to try something new. I was limited on time, but not on inclination, and so these easy sweet tartlets came to be. IMG_2126_thumb But I have to confess, I opted for store bought pastry tartlets to cut down the preparation time (and, let’s be honest, my pastry making skills are still in their novice phase). I found these ones at The Essential Ingredient, and although they were a tad on the expensive side ($29.95 for 60 or so), the lady at the shop assured me they freeze well. IMG_2107_thumb All I had to do was think of the fillings. The first one was rather simple. Chocolate orange mousse with candied orange peel. Sounds fancy yes – but it really was rather easy. IMG_2103_thumb2 I made some candied orange zest – by poaching finely sliced orange peel in boiling water for 5 minutes twice, then simmered it in a mixture of sugar and water for another five. Then it was into the fridge overnight to allow the flavours to develop and the orange to lose any residual bitterness. IMG_2104_thumb1IMG_2105_thumb1 As for the mousse, I cheated (again!) and made up a packet chocolate mousse with the addition of orange essence. IMG_2108_thumb1IMG_2116_thumb The second variety, again, was really simple. Just lemon curd topped with a blueberry. On reflection, if I had had more time I would have topped the curd with some meringue, but time was short so the lemon / blueberry combination was a tasty alternative nonetheless. IMG_2109_thumb1IMG_2117_thumb The third and final variety was a bit of a flop. I had intended to make caramel tarts with a chocolate garnish, but my store-bought caramel was too runny. Instead, I combined it with some whipped cream, topped with a sliced strawberry and a sprinkle of grated chocolate. IMG_2118_thumb And I think the finished result, when the three varieties were put together,  was rather cute… IMG_2110_thumb1 From the right – chocolate orange, lemon curd and caramel. IMG_2114_thumb1 Tasty little morsels that I was pleased to see disappeared rather quickly at the party! IMG_2115_thumb1 A fancy little plate – with fairly minimal fuss… IMG_2121_thumb1 That’s my kinda ‘bring a plate’! What about you? What are your favourites when asked to ‘bring a plate’?

6 thoughts on “Easy sweet tartlets

  1. They look so pretty! I officially gave up on making my own pastry on the weekend, it just never works properly and there are some pretty decent stuff to be bought in the shops these days.

  2. Those are gorgeous!

    It wasn't until recently that I've been in the position to "bring a plate to share"! I've found some things on Pinterest that I'm dying to try. I will definitely give these a shot, as well! <3

  3. these are gorgeous – and you might have cut corners but they are still so much more impressive than just buying them – love the candied orange – have never done it but you make it sound easy – when you say you boil the peel in water twice does that mean you throw out the first lot of water and boil it in fresh water the second time

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