Bring a plate – tomato, olive and boccocini bites

IMG_9839 We were invited to a cocktail party recently and asked to “bring a plate”. Something savoury to share, and soak up the effects of tequila-laden margaritas. IMG_9830 And I think these little bites fit the bill just perfectly. IMG_9834 Pitted kalamata olives, baby boccocini and serrano tomatoes (halved), threaded onto skewers (aka.. toothpicks). IMG_9840 For a ‘dip’, I cheated and spooned some store-bought basil pesto into a small bowl in the middle of the plate. IMG_9841 For we all know that tomatoes + basil are a match made in heaven! IMG_9843 Although these take a little time to put together, they are super easy and rather cute! IMG_9836 A lovely little retro ‘bring a plate’ contribution. What about you? What do you bring when asked to ‘bring a plate’?

4 thoughts on “Bring a plate – tomato, olive and boccocini bites

  1. Caprese on a stick …genius! It's been a while since I was asked to 'bring a plate' … usually I'm the one with the cupcakes 🙂

  2. gorgeous – I imagine Miss C would have been champing at the bit to help make these if given the chance 🙂 Being asked to bring a plate usually means I go through lots of ideas and changing my mind many times before settling on something

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