Little and lemony

Sometimes life just calls for a little sweet treat. IMG_7501 Especially when that sweet treat involves luscious lemon curd and pillows of meringue. IMG_7505 aka. Mini lemon meringue pies. A few weeks ago, we had friends around for a BBQ lunch, which is always a ‘trigger’ for me to indulge in a little baking. On this occasion, I decided to experiment with making mini lemon meringue tarts, something that may feature at a certain little one’s party in a few weeks time. IMG_7503 I cheated and used frozen shortcrust pastry, but that ended up being a mistake. The tart shells were not delicate like shortcrust pastry should be. Rather, they were almost chewy? IMG_7502 I did, however, make the lemon curd from scratch and it was rather divine. Eggs, sugar, butter, lemon – heated and whisked until thick – Spooned into the pre-made tarts, then topped with a swirl of meringue. IMG_7506 It was about now, that I wished I had a kitchen blow torch to brown the meringue without having to put them back into the oven. But alas, I do not (soon to be rectified), so I put the meringues into the oven for 5 minutes or so to give the tops a little colour (but not too much). The result? Adorable little tarts, albeit a tad ‘rustic’ in their appearance. IMG_7508 I really enjoyed the meringue and lemon curd elements, but the pastry was just not right. IMG_7510 Nonetheless, they were gobbled up by our guests and I am only too happy to experiment with another batch. A work in progress! IMG_7513 What about you? Are you a fan of lemon meringue? I would have to say that it is a bit of a family favourite in the BBB household!

7 thoughts on “Little and lemony

  1. These look great, pity about the cases but there's nothing wrong with a bit of experimenting 🙂 It doesn't matter where we go, if there's lemon tart on the menu you can almost guarantee that my husband will order it … not so much meringue, but definitely tart. Just waiting for our next batch of lemons to ripen and we will be experimenting with some more home made curd (I refuse to buy $1 imported lemons!). Have to say I'm looking forward to it 🙂

  2. How odd that now when you can eat some wheat, the store bought wheat pastry doesn't turn out! lol
    I'm petrified that summer is quickly coming to an end…..will you show us a couple of ice-cream recipes using your deluxe model? 🙂

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