15 minute meal – Crispy parma pork

IMG_6904 Another evening, another Jamie Oliver inspired meal from his 15 minute meals cookbook. This time? IMG_6898 Crispy parma pork with minted zucchini and brown rice. The pork, was stuffed with feta, seasoned, then wrapped in parma ham. IMG_6889IMG_6891 Grilled until cooked through. The zucchinis were simply sautéed in garlic, mint and chilli, while the brown rice was seasoned with tomato paste and lemon juice. IMG_6897 All together now…. IMG_6905 (finished with minted yoghurt). Another tasty meal – (even if it did take me more than 15 minutes to make!) IMG_6906 While the pork was beautifully tender, my favourite part was actually the spicy zucchinis. IMG_6911 And the flavoured rice was also a nice addition. IMG_6910 Most of the recipes in the book serve 4 – so I have been halving them seeing as there is just the two of us for dinner. One thing that has surprised me about the recipes, though, is that even when halved, they yield quite a bit. Mr BBB and I have quite good appetites at dinner time, but the portion sizes are generous even by our standards! What about you? Do you have a good appetite come dinner time?

3 thoughts on “15 minute meal – Crispy parma pork

  1. Yep, I'm usually quite hungry and look forward to dinner.
    You arrange meals on the plate very nicely. 🙂

  2. Another winner from Jamie! My family is 'starving' come dinner time so I have to make sure there's plenty to go around and usually enough for leftovers. We have a leftover night once a week, and it's first come first served!

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