Of Christmases past….

IMG_4236 I was taking a little look back at my previous Christmas blog posts, and it struck me that this will be my FOURTH Christmas since I started BBB. And boy has life and this little blog changed in those four years. Four years ago my photos were terrible, we were living in our old house, I was newly married and no bambinos were in sight. Now, we are in our new place, (I think) my photography skills have improved and we are blessed to have our adorable baby girl in our lives. donuts You can find links to our previous Christmas celebrations (and cringe at my terrible photography) here….

IMG_3771 I am so very excited to be hosting Christmas lunch this year. I have quite a few ‘fun’ things planned – that I will be sure to share with you over the coming weeks. IMG_3737 But for now – let’s take a look back at Christmases past – with a little link up to a few of my previous Christmas planning tips and recipe ideas…. Planning and decorating ideas…

Holiday baking…

Stay tuned for the full details of our 2012 celebrations! What about you? Are you planning on doing some Christmas baking this year?

2 thoughts on “Of Christmases past….

  1. Your photography skills are great, that is for sure 🙂 So is your table decorating! Happy Christmas to you and your household Lisa – exciting to have your first with Charlotte I am sure.

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