Christmas 2012

IMG_5511 There is something rather wonderful about this time of year. Having family all together to catch up and celebrate, and reminisce on the year just past. IMG_5615 Our Christmas, this year, was just that. A celebration of the wonderful 2012 we have had – particularly with the newest addition to our family… IMG_5736 IMG_5756 And I went a little crazy with the camera, so be prepared for photo overload! I could really break this post up into 2 or 3 posts, but I’m going to jam it all into one.  Our Christmas, as I mentioned, was delightful indeed. I was lucky to have my mum and brother travel to Canberra to join us and Mr BBB’s family for Christmas lunch, which we hosted at our house. The day started before 6am, as Mum and I finished the final touches on the table, the food and the desserts. Charlotte woke at 7am, and had fun checking our her ‘Santa’ gifts. IMG_5650IMG_5659 And by 11am, Mr BBB’s family had arrived, and our library was transformed into quite the present explosion! IMG_5765 We broke out the cocktails and nibbles, and passed around the presents. IMG_5728IMG_5725IMG_5871IMG_5859 And I can well and truly say this little Miss was SPOILT rotten by her grandparents, aunty, uncle and cousins (and friends, and neighbours….). Oh and her parents too! IMG_5770IMG_5840IMG_5849IMG_5918 And I didn’t fare too badly either, with a new ICECREAM maker, purse, magazine subscription, recipe books, movie voucher and a massage voucher! IMG_5799 By 1pm the presents had been opened, cocktails had been consumed and our tummies were rumbling. So it was time to move into the living room for lunch. IMG_5693IMG_5702IMG_5708IMG_5696IMG_5706IMG_5888 On the menu, we had prawn cocktails to start, and Christmas meats and a selection of vegetable sides for the main course. Washed down with some fine bubbles. IMG_5865IMG_5901IMG_5902IMG_5908IMG_5877IMG_5899 My plate: IMG_5913 It was lovely that Miss C is now old enough to join us for lunch, and she impressed us all by gobbling up a full plate of Christmas food! IMG_5909IMG_5916 She was not a fan, however, of her Christmas hat Winking smile IMG_5889IMG_5890IMG_5891IMG_5892 The afternoon was spent toying with our new Christmas presents, playing a few games of Pictionary and waiting for our lunch to digest! IMG_5922IMG_5934IMG_5946IMG_5964IMG_5940IMG_5968 We were actually so full from lunch that we didn’t even make a start on dessert until day turned into night! IMG_5956  IMG_5961 But slowly as the clock ticked by, our appetites returned, and we headed to the dessert table for dinner! IMG_5663IMG_5684 IMG_5686IMG_5665 Featuring a rocky road Christmas tree, meringue trees, rum balls and a summer berry trifle. IMG_5675IMG_5682IMG_5691IMG_5687 And it was was with some caution we sliced up the rocky road tree for all to enjoy. IMG_5974IMG_5995 It really was a memorable Christmas, and I felt so blessed to be celebrating the occasion with most of my nearest and dearest. Charlotte loved the attention, but was certainly exhausted by the end of the day (as was I!). A fine start to this Summer of fun! What about you? What did you get up to this Christmas?

8 thoughts on “Christmas 2012

  1. oh miss c looks so gorgeous – her hair is really starting to grow now – you had quite a crowd and everything looked wonderful – I think we had the same cauli puree with beans as you and I just love your rocky road christmas tree

  2. miss c is certainly growing up quickly!! you always throw the most amazing dinner parties– i'd love to be a guest 🙂 glad you had a wonderful holiday and best wishes for the coming year!

  3. I love that you took so many photos.
    The colour of your dress looks gorgeous on you.
    I bought myself an ice-cream maker for Christmas, and my best friend received one as a gift, plus a girl at work got one too!
    Lots of ice-cream in our future. 🙂

  4. What an awesome Christmas. Charlotte is the perfect age for her first Christmas. Oh, my – those deserts – AMAZING. I can see why everyone would want to be hungry for those :-).

  5. What a lovely looking day! Charlotte certainly looks like she had a wonderful time indeed 🙂
    I do believe I received that same ice cream maker! Is it the one with the compressor? What do you think of it so far? I have very mixed results, I'd love it if you'd have any tips, so far I've found it really needs overnight chilling for the mix to bea any good.

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