5 things Friday

1. I am so very happy that today is Friday. More so than most Fridays – because it heralds the start of a three week holiday! Which means no more work (and no more 4am starts to fit in a few hours of work before the little Miss wakes), Mr BBB is HOME for 3 whole weeks, we have family arriving this weekend, Christmas next week and then (what I assume will be) a blissful week at a beachside cabin. IMG_9934 Yup life is grand! 2. Speaking of Christmas, the presents are wrapped, the menu is planned and I am officially excited to be sharing this special day with my nearest and dearest. IMG_4465 3. In a case of pure nostalgia, I was looking through some photos and videos that we took of Charlotte throughout the year. I barely recognised the squishy newborn that she used to be, and it reminded me to never stop taking photos to capture these moments. 2 months…. IMG_7007 And now (9.5 months)… IMG_5387 4. Mr BBB and I gave ourselves a very grand early Christmas present – in the shape of two new fabric armchairs. IMG_5436 I am 100% in love with them!!! 5. My ‘trial run’ of roasting our Christmas Day vegetables in the BBQ was an absolute fail. I read, I researched, and I thought I had found an alternative method for roasting our veggies to avoid turning the oven on. I could not have been more wrong – they turned into a charred mess. So the oven it is! What about you? Are you excited for Christmas?

3 thoughts on “5 things Friday

  1. Gorgeous armchair! I finished work for the year today too – just under 2 weeks in my case but I am extremely excited also 🙂 I hope you enjoy your break!

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