5 things Friday

1. Tonight I am heading out to Mr BBB’s Christmas party. That’s right – out of my trackie pants and into a pretty frock and I might even – gasp – wear my hair out! The little Miss is being looked after by her cousin and fingers crossed she is an angel. 2.  I have decided to serve a tasty little cocktail called “Weis Bar” on Christmas Day. With the inclusion of mango, lychee liqueur, coconut rum – I am thinking it could be a winner. Although perhaps I should make a couple beforehand. You know, for quality assurance purposes Winking smile  IMG_5332 3. Without the risk of being “TMI”…teeth + nursing = a rather sore little injury that I am carrying. NOT FUN. At all. 4. I found a little time to do some Christmas “craft” this week – with all to be revealed on Christmas Day. IMG_5334 5. Slow roasted tomato sauce might just be my new favourite thing to make with tomatoes. Not to mention making the house smell amazing. Full details to follow! IMG_5324 What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

3 thoughts on “5 things Friday

  1. Oh wow, I have an abundance of juicy tomatoes at the moment so I'd love a recipe for tomato sauce.
    I need to buy the last couple of Christmas presents this weekend and then I'm done. 🙂

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