Tomato soup with a twist

While it’s rare for me to serve canned soups for a meal, sometimes you just can’t beat their convenience. IMG_9742 That’s not to say, however, that you can’t add your own little flavour touches. Such as on this occasion when a humble can of condensed tomato soup was ‘jazzed’ up a little using onion, basil, garlic and char grilled capsicum. IMG_9745 Cooked for 15  minutes, then blended until smooth. IMG_9749 I doubt anyone would even notice that the basis of this soup came out of a can, I know my guests didn’t! IMG_9748 Easy! IMG_9753 What about you? Ever ‘cheat’ when it comes to soups?

5 thoughts on “Tomato soup with a twist

  1. I like this!! I am not ashamed to use 'cheat meals' and funnily enough the tomato soup that a family friend used to make for me when I was a kid turned out to be just the Campbell's kind with some extra spices chucked in it. This looks yum – will have to try 🙂

  2. I go in and out of having soups for lunch at work – usually it is a range but at home I usually have tomato soup in a tin for the odd occasion when I feel like soup from a tin. Love it – never add to it but E loves to add herbs and spices to his baked beans from a tin

  3. Looks delightful! Tomato soup is so good. I usually have a can of Campbell's tomato soup in my pantry. Nothing like that paired with a grilled cheese sandwich!

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