Vegetarian cauliflower curry

IMG_9030 In addition to soups, we have been warming up with lots of curries and stews lately. And this one, although rather simple, was packed with flavour. Just as a good curry should be, really. Inspired by a large cauliflower that arrived in my weekly vegetable box, I set about making a vegetarian curry. Using curry paste, ginger and onions as the flavour base.. IMG_9020 Simmered with water, fresh tomatoes and, of course, the cauliflower… IMG_9024 Finished with a cup of frozen peas and a a tub of natural yoghurt. IMG_9025IMG_9026 Piled high on a bed of brown rice, and served with fresh coriander. IMG_9028 And my favourite curry addition… IMG_9029 A couple hard boiled eggs! IMG_9033 Simple, fragrant, tasty. IMG_9030 And a lovely way to warm up on a cold Canberra night! What about you? Do you have a favourite curry?

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