Plate of random – take 4

I am no stranger when it comes to creating a ‘plate of random’ for dinner.

These plates generally seem appear when stocks in our fridge are getting low, or when there are leftovers that need to be eaten but those leftovers are not enough to create a full meal. Such as tonight. IMG_4381 Haloumi. IMG_4385 Asparagus and zucchini. IMG_4384 Brown / white rice. IMG_4387 And … cornchips??? IMG_4386 Yes, cornchips. Poppy seed and cheddar cornchips to be precise. For no other reason than the bag was open, and I find them rather delicious. IMG_4382 A tasty, albeit random, dinner indeed! What about you? Eaten anything ‘random’ lately?

7 thoughts on “Plate of random – take 4

  1. I love a plate of random. I also love knowing what to call them now:)

    Zucchini ribbons! How did I never think to make them like that before? It will never happen again.

  2. I love random dinners 🙂 One of the few disadvantages of now living with my partner is I feel obliged to have them less often! But give me a night on my own…my dinner often looks like this. My weekend lunches almost always do 😉

  3. that plate looks so good that I wonder why go to much effort for dinner when I could throw a few things on a plate – actually I sometimes do that sort of dinner but it usually involves dips, crackers and lots of chopped veg

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