Cauli potato mash

Aww thankyou for all your sweet comments about yesterday’s post. You really do know how to make a preggy gal feel good about herself (and her blindingly white baby bump!?). Want to know something else that was blindingly white? IMG_4434 This simple side dish that I want to share with you. One that was rather random in its creation, but ended up being rather tasty. Just cauliflower and potato, steamed until tender. IMG_4431 Mashed with a little butter, a dash of milk and a ‘throw in’ of grated cheese. IMG_4433 Combined… and voila! IMG_4434 Cauli potato mash – creamy and delicious. IMG_4436 Served with scotch fillet and sliced zucchini (both seasoned with a sprinkle of bush spice blend and grilled on the BBQ). IMG_4439 Finished with fresh parsley, and dinner was served. If you find mashed potato a little heavy going, particularly in the warmer weather, this might be the side dish for you. I found the cauliflower ‘lightened’ the mash a tad, while being a rather tasty accompaniment to the steak. Delish! What about you? Do you have a favourite vegetable mash combination?

6 thoughts on “Cauli potato mash

  1. I love cauli and potato mash but I find it a little more watery and less creamy – I always put in smoked paprika these days because I am addicted to the stuff

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