Homemade holiday treats – chocolate bark

I don’t know why chocolate bark is not all that common in Australia. Sure, we have our fair share of biscuits, rocky road, slices and other sweet treats, but chocolate bark rarely seems to make an appearance. So when I came across chocolate bark on other blogs, and I realised that it would transport well, I just knew that I had to give it a try as part of my homemade holiday treats series. holidaytreats Actually, I was so excited to try it, that I decided to make two varieties…. bark Candy cane and orange pistachio. Starting with…the candy cane! IMG_4013 Just milk and white chocolate – melted and mixed. IMG_4026 Candy canes – crushed. IMG_4014 And sprinkled. IMG_4027 IMG_4030 And next…the orange pistachio. IMG_4016 Dark chocolate melted, and an orange zested. IMG_4020 Spread… IMG_4021 And topped with pistachios and more orange zest. IMG_4024 IMG_4025 Allowed to set then broken into pieces. The candy cane… IMG_4044 IMG_4045 And the orange pistachio… IMG_4041 IMG_4042 Oh my … these turned out to be quite the taste sensations. Very dangerous indeed. I was pleased to discover that not only is chocolate bark super easy to make,  it is also super versatile. IMG_4038 For it seems that no matter what you are craving, you can make a variety to satisfy. IMG_4040 Lollies, nuts, fruit…. IMG_4043 The options for toppings are endless! All I know is that many a piece of these two varieties has been sampled already. You know, for quality assurance Winking smile  So much so that I am not sure how many pieces will actually make it to our Christmas festivities safely…. What about you? Do you have a favourite chocolate bark flavour combination?

11 thoughts on “Homemade holiday treats – chocolate bark

  1. Ooooh I LOVE chocolate bark – I made it last year – a white and milk chocolate mix with 2 layers and candy canes on top.

    I think it was the inspiration for the movie Gone in 60 seconds 😛

  2. I've never made bark but seen it around. I love how you can make it whatever your favourite flavour is. I've got some dried cranberries that would be awesome with dark chocolate.

  3. Bark is one of those things that is so easy to make and everyone likes. Love the idea of the orange pistachio! I saw a recipe for a cake batter one that looked pretty yummy too. I think it had a couple teaspoons of cake mix stirred in and some sprinkles on top. Have a great Christmas!

  4. Teehee, I'm so zelted that I *do* like your chocolate part (although I'm pretending that the orange zest is orange-coloured fairy floss 😛 ). I just can't join in the holiday baking posts until after Christmas, otherwise peopel will see their gifts in advance 😛

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