Homemade holiday treats – chilli lime nut mix

It is day 3 of my homemade holiday treats series and I am pleased to report that we are still going strong. holidaytreats And, although I am loving all the sweet treats that are slowly filling my fridge, I couldn’t resist throwing in a ‘savoury’ treat which happens to also be one of my favourite ‘nibbles’. Spiced nuts. Or in particular… chilli A chilli lime nut mix! IMG_3985 Which really are just nuts… IMG_3986 Tamari, honey, lime zest and chilli… IMG_3990 Roasted… IMG_3992 And voila! IMG_3999 Simple to make, but guaranteed to be gobbled up in no time at all. IMG_4000 My version ended up a little sticky, so I will hold off providing a specific recipe at this stage. It still needs some more tweaking, but I am sure to have one for you in the not too distant future. IMG_4004 The flavours, however, were rather tasty with the freshness of the lime zest and the hint of spice from the chilli. IMG_4001 I think they will make a nice alternative for those who are feeling a little sugar overloaded over the festive season (although these do have an element of sweetness in them owing to the honey!). What about you? Ever made your own nut mix?

7 thoughts on “Homemade holiday treats – chilli lime nut mix

  1. Oh I love chilli lime nuts! Please, please, please a recipe. Also, please explain what is Tamari (it's been a loooong day at work, I seem to have lost my communication abilities). 🙂

  2. Ooh! What a great idea! I rarely go for flavoured nuts but these ones really appeal. Possibly because the coating is my default stir fry combination 😛

  3. I adore making spiced nuts, though usually make the Union Square recipe. I simply can't make them for just myself, though, because I have no resistance and end up making myself sick eating them all!

  4. I've attempted wasabi cashews a couple of times for a friend who loves them but whilst yummy they've never been quite right, the nuts go too soft.

  5. I have tried this sort of thing with chickpeas but not with nuts – am waiting until sylvia is a bit older and can handle whole nuts – but I think it is a great gift as savoury ideas are a lot harder to come by – susan at food blogga had a good recipe that I liked if you are looking around. Nice summer photos too!

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