Indian Feast – Part 2

Training: Upper body weights / Elliptical 30mins IMG_7966 So yesterday I shared with you the first two dishes served at our Indian Feast. Paneer with mushrooms and peas.  IMG_7958 And a refreshing tomato, cucumber and onion salad. IMG_7937 But the real star of the show – actually came care of a free magazine I picked up at our local health food shop. Lentil Potato Dahl with Cashew Almond Sauce. I doubled the recipe, and it ended up being quite the generous dish. So much so that Mr BBB and I had leftovers for 2 nights afterwards. That’s a lot of dahl. Like so many wonderful Indian dishes, the magic came with time. IMG_7807 Once the ingredients were measured, into a pot they went, then it was all a matter of  time. IMG_7835 Time to simmer. IMG_7838 And time to let the flavours develop. And, as is often the case with dishes like these – it was even better over the next few days. Finished with a nutty yoghurt sauce.. IMG_7840 Almonds, cashews, yoghurt and cayenne pepper. IMG_7843 Blended, then stirred through the dahl… IMG_7966 Topped with a generous amount of fresh parsley and coriander, and a sprinkle of flaked almonds. IMG_7970 The result? IMG_7964 A spicy, hearty and fragrant vegetarian dish. IMG_7980 Packed with flavour and nutrition, IMG_7981 (2)  And a perfect addition to our Indian Feast! But, of course, our feast did not stop there. For what feast would be complete without a little sweet treat to end the meal? Particularly one that involves oranges and almonds…. Part 3 to follow…. What about you? Do you have a favourite Indian dish? Happy Baking 🙂

18 thoughts on “Indian Feast – Part 2

  1. Lisa, I love it all – my favourites being dhal and Ceylon style curries with extra spinach and spices. Quick question – how big are your serving sizes – just looking at all of those beautiful flavours and ingredients I shouldn't imagine you'd need too much at all to completely satisfy the palate?
    Liz 😉

  2. I love palak paneer-the spinach and cheese curry. I'm also mad for fish tikka and of course butter chicken although I did see how much better went into a pot of it and promptly demoted it on my ordering rotation 😛

  3. Oh wow! I adore using cashews as a creamy sauce, but the idea of stirring it through dahl? Brilliant! Yay for free magazine recipes!

  4. Brilliant you are… Love a good nut paste. My fav indian dish is Butter Chicken, quiet possibly the fattiest dish on the Indian menu, but dang its the business. 🙂

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