Biking, birds and butter…

Now now – where did I leave off?? I was a tad sore after Saturday’s run – but Mr BBB and I wasted no time on Sunday in jumping on our bikes for a 30km ride. PA100556 Our destination??? PA100555 Stromlo Park to watch the Scott 24hr Mountain Bike Race / Solo World Championships! PA100551 This Annual event runs from midday Saturday to midday Sunday – and riders (either in a team or solo) must complete as many laps of the mountain bike course within 24 hours. Crazy right!!!  IMG_0985 We arrived around 10.00am on Sunday – and despite there being only 2 hours left to race, there were plenty of riders out on the course looking super strong. IMG_0990 Perhaps next year BBB could make an appearance? Side note: I was going to refrain from recounting the crazy psycho magpie swooping that the ever-chivalrous Mr BBB protected me from on the ride home. But let’s just say it involved Mr BBB’s shouting "he’s on me – he’s on me – go Lisa – hurry up and ride" to which I responded by pedalling frantically while hyperventilating…..down a busy Hindmarsh Drive…..with loads of cars next to me. So, if you happened to be driving down Hindmarsh Drive yesterday afternoon and witnessed this little circus, filled with tears and swearing, yes that was me. Does anyone else think that I seriously need to get this bird fear under control??? But I digress…. Today was technically a ‘rest day’, but having cut my ride short yesterday, Mr BBB joined me for a 5km run after work.  Have I mentioned recently that I am loving daylight savings? hehe yes just once or twice??!! Dinner With a weekend filled with training and take away, I was keep to get back into the kitchen tonight to indulge in my other love….cooking! Inspired by the Mystery Box of course…. IMG_0997 - Copy Tarragon! IMG_1003 Did you know? Tarragon, also known as ‘dragon’s wort’, is a perennial herb. While it is often used in French cooking,  it is actually native to Siberia and Western Asia. Tarragon has a mild aniseed flavour, and pairs well with chicken, fish and eggs. It is also, of course,  the star ingredient in béarnaise sauce. After doing a little research, I came across a recipe for Tarragon chicken with pumpkin and walnut salad here. It looked so wonderfully fresh and light, and immediately I was sold. Even if my attempts to find both endive and witlof ended up being quite the arduous shopping mission. I had great hopes for this vibrant salad – served with chicken that had been cooked with tarragon and butter. IMG_1029 Sadly, I mustn’t have prepared the endive properly as it was super gritty! IMG_1017 The remaining flavours did, however, work wonderfully – particularly the pumpkin and walnuts. IMG_1020 And the tarragon + chicken were a winning combination.  IMG_1025    What about you? How do you like to use tarragon? Happy Baking 🙂

13 thoughts on “Biking, birds and butter…

  1. We just witnessed a 24 hour run a few weeks ago – it was pretty intense! Though now I can't stop thinking about it and want to do it myself…. 🙂

    That bird would have given me a heart attack!! 🙂

  2. Seriously…HOW wonderful is daylight savings!! I am so in love with not being in the dark at 4:30… 🙂

    You're definitely motivating me to get out there and enjoy it, thanks!

  3. Everyone needs a Mr BBB, magpies are seriously big fat bullies – so there I said it 🙂 Still haven't forgiven the little black 'n white monsters from my biking days & I feel for 'ya all' when I see poor innocent cyclists getting picked on. Not sure its a fear lovely, no matter what they say 🙂
    Your dragons wort dish came up a treat – you healthy thing you.

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