Muffin Monday

Hello there and welcome to the start of a new week! I don’t know whether it was the trail run on Saturday or the afternoon of painting / renovating, or perhaps it was both, but I woke up yesterday with some delightfully sore leg / butt muscles. I say delightful because it was the kind of sore that you just know means you had a killer workout. I can only imagine how I will feel after 16kms of trail running next weekend … but bring it on I say! The weekend disappeared before I knew it – although Mr BBB and I did have time yesterday to fit in a 10km bike ride, a lovely lunch at a local cafe, and finish the weekend with a Sunday roast. Trail run + family time + biking + great food = a perfect weekend  really. Tonight my legs asked for a rest, and although my mind was itching to head out for a run, I obliged and opted for a rest day. So, finding myself with some time to spare, I decided to indulge my other hobby….baking! I had seen this recipe for Zucchini muffins a while ago on Ashley’s blog, and knowing I had most of the ingredients on hand, set about making a batch. IMG_8902  I switched the wheat flour for spelt flour, and stevia for sucanat. I also used a combination of cashew nut and sunflower nut butter, together with rice milk. IMG_8913 I topped some with walnuts… IMG_8906 Some with sultanas… IMG_8908 And the remainder with shredded coconut. IMG_8917 Oh my – talk about light and moist! IMG_8911 A delightful muffin that will be sure to make another appearance, in some shape or form, sometime soon. I must say that muffin making before dinner is quite dangerous. It seems the aroma of freshly baking muffins can test even the strongest of wills! So, as soon as the muffins were out of the oven I set about making a quick and easy dinner to keep the hunger pangs at bay (and in an attempt to refrain from eating half the batch fresh out of the oven!). During a pantry “raid” I came across this jar of goodness hiding up the back. IMG_8923       Mmmmm Chilli Jam. Smeared on tofu and baked for 40 minutes. IMG_8927 Spicy and sweet. Served on a slice of GF olive bread, with some fresh basil and a slice of mozzarella. IMG_8932 With a good heap of sweet potato garlic mash. IMG_8931 And peas, carrots and brussels. IMG_8930 Another tasty, albeit random, dinner. The chilli jam tofu will certainly be repeated sometime soon. But right now a muffin is calling my name! Happy Baking 🙂

26 thoughts on “Muffin Monday

  1. Chillicious! I love chilli jam as the sugars even out the heat of the chilli.Yumm.
    I can't use spelt flour. I experimented with some last month to see if I could tolerate it, I discovered I couldn't. It wasn't pretty!

  2. Aaaah! I love chilli jam, but can never think of ways to use it. That is the *best* idea, and I even have a block of tofu in the fridge 🙂

    P.S. I baked today too, and I ended up eating a third of the creation *for* dinner. So yes, I completely get your point about the dangerousness…

  3. Hi Lisa! I just found your blog and I also enjoy baking, biking and blogging 🙂 I have had a mountain bike for a little over a year now and just bought my first road bike a month ago. I am definitely hooked on it!

    One of my favorite appetizers is jalapeno jelly with goat cheese on crackers. I would have never thought to use it as a marinade! Great idea.

  4. I love how you topped the muffins with different things. Sometimes I'll top mine with sliced bananas or nuts, but I've never tried raisins/sultanas. Good idea!

  5. A few things–First-that trail you ran looks gorgeous!!
    Second-I am stealing that veggie burger recipe. It looks awesome. And it lead me to a new blog that I really like!
    And those muffins look tasty! And even though it looks small and simple I really dig the tofu sandwich you made. I love getting inspired by your recipes!

  6. I KNOW which muffins im making next!! oh myyyy i love zuchinni muffins. i love that u used spelt instead!! i think i might add chocolate chips to mine too. i just made some muffins that i gotta post soon. yay for it being a muffin kind of day! <3

  7. btw im so slow to check my blog comments but i saw urs where u posted the story of the Nara deer in Japan and u totally made my night. i laughed when u said Mr.BBB was bit in the butt from one!! thats definitely one crazy deer with a bum fetish haha <3

  8. great way to use the chilli jam – wonder if it would work with some of the chutneys I have that linger – and the muffins sound delicious and healthy – surely my name is on one of them too 🙂

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