Sushi and castles

Japan Day 2 067 After a solid night’s sleep, we rugged up and headed straight out for a 30 minute run in the chilly Osaka air. I felt so refreshed afterwards, and ready to start the day. Japan Day 2 002 Japan Day 2 004 We were running a little behind schedule this morning so we opted for breakfast in the hotel. I chose the reliable oatmeal, and Mr BBB went for the “light breakfast”. Both meals were okay – but a little expensive for what was served. Japan Day 2 008 Our bellies full from breakfast, we set about leaning the Osaka rail system, and soon found ourselves at the main subway station. Japan Day 2 020 After finally finding an ATM that accepted our bank card (which proved quite difficult!?!), we wandered the food halls of the Hanshin Department Store. The store was HUGE and full of interesting foods and treats….a food blogger’s delight! Japan Day 2 014 Japan Day 2 015 Japan Day 2 016 I could have wandered these food halls for hours! I loved that most of the shops had windows through which you could see the chefs and bakers preparing the treats. Japan Day 2 017 Japan Day 2 018 Japan Day 2 019 Our taste buds soon led us to a sushi restaurant – where we chose a variety late each including tuna, salmon, octopus, squid etc. The sushi was delicious – and so so fresh. Japan Day 2 013 I suspect that you will be seeing a lot more of this over the next week! We then caught another train to the Osaka Castle – which was simply gorgeous! While the castle itself was not open, we were able to wander the grounds and admire the huge walls in all their glory. Japan Day 2 027 Japan Day 2 032 Japan Day 2 033 After spending the afternoon at the Castle, we headed back to the hustle and bustle of the city and found ourselves in the Tsutenkaku area – surrounded by pachinko and other game parlours. Japan Day 2 068 Japan Day 2 070 Our bellies started rumbling again by this point, so we headed to Dotonbori, an area filled with shops and restaurants. Japan Day 2 074 We decided on ramen / soba for dinner which were a delicious way to end our big day of walking. Japan Day 2 078 The sun had long since set by this stage, so we headed back to the train station, for our ride home. Japan Day 2 081 Overall, we had a fantastic day in Osaka and are looking forward to our trip to Kyoto and Nara tomorrow. Happy baking 🙂

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