Pregnancy Update – Week 13

(And finally….the final entry from my ‘hidden’ pregnancy diary!) How far along? 13 weeks 3 days How big is baby? This week baby BBB has grown to the size of a peach (in length). It’s hard to believe that not all that long ago baby BBB was the size of an apple seed! week13 How I’m feeling?  I am feeling a lot more energetic than I have been over the last few months, and have even managed to stay up past 8.30pm most evenings lol. Apparently this resurgence of energy is quite normal as one enters the second trimester! Weight? +0.9 this week (4.2kg overall)   IMG_2456   (I have no idea why my t-shirt looks like this?! All I know is that this is possibly the fugliest weekly photo we have taken thus far lol) How I’m changing? Physically, I am certainly continuing to grow – with a decent case of chubby cheeks developing eek. But, on the plus side,  I am back to ‘blonde’ and very happy to be rid of my icky brown hair! What I miss? Poached eggs again! Mr BBB and I went out for breakfast today, and although the scrambled eggs were ‘ok’ they had nothing on glorious runny yolk poached eggs! Symptoms? Headaches. Horrible headaches. I have been waking up with them, and they don’t go away no matter how much water I drink, or how much sleep I get. Apparently headaches are quite common during pregnancy, and are attributable to increased blood flow to the placenta (TMI???). All I know is that they are starting to get really annoying! IMG_2457 Cravings? I had a random craving for chocolate brownies this week. Although, once I made a batch, they tasted too sweet and I ended up throwing the whole batch out! Food Aversions? I still have no desire to eat seafood. Highlights this week? Being able to share our happy news with more of our dear friends and family. And the blog world of course 😉

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