Pregnancy Update – Week 12

(Another entry from my ‘hidden’ pregnancy diary….) It is with so much heartfelt joy and happiness that I am able to write this diary entry. When I first found out that I was pregnant, I hoped and wished with all my heart that it would not end sadly, as it has done so twice before. And I am so pleased to say that here I am 12 weeks later, with no complications to report, and feeling ever so grateful for this true blessing that is our growing baby BBB. How far along? 12 weeks 3 days How big is baby? This week baby BBB has grown to the length of a plum! Week12 How I’m feeling?  I was mentioning to Mr BBB the other day that I have been so lucky to not have suffered any morning sickness at all during the first 3 months of this pregnancy, and be relatively symptom free. He suggested that perhaps it is a small consolation for all the stress of fertility treatments, injections, scans and blood tests I have been through over the last year – which I think is a lovely and appreciative way to look at things. So how am I feeling at the moment? truly blessed and gushing with happiness.   IMG_2301  Weight? up 1 kg (and 3.3 overall) How I’m changing? My body continues to grow – in all the wrong places lol. I guess being 3 months pregnant + weight gain means that your clothes no longer feel right 😉 I am still squeezing into some of my regular work clothes, although they are feeling less and less comfortable and more and more ‘snug’. What I miss? My belly button ring! After 15 years, my favourite little piece of jewellery was taken out at this weeks ultrasound. My tummy looks so funny and naked without it (to me at least!) Although I guess it had to happen eventually.   IMG_2303 Symptoms? While I have been focusing on my ‘negative’ (albeit minor) symptoms lately, I have forgotten to mention the positive ones! My hair and nails are growing wonderfully – and for the first time in a long time I have long strong nails. Am loving it! Cravings? Cheese sandwiches. With butter. Hmm – perhaps this is a calcium thing? Food Aversions? I was watching a seafood cooking show the other night and just the thought of the seafood was making me gag. So I guess its safe to say that I am not in any way craving seafood at the moment. Highlights this week? Where do I begin???? I had my last blood test with the fertility clinic and was advised that my progesterone levels are strong and I no longer need to take the progesterone pessaries yay! This may not sound like much of a big deal – but after taking them for 6+ months (twice daily for a while), the fact I can now stop them is bliss. But of course, the big highlights of the week were seeing our precious little plum during the 12 week NT scan, and getting fantastic NT results. scan Oh and hearing the reactions of our immediate family when we told them there was to be a new addition to the family come March 2012. Let’s just say everyone is super excited (as we knew they would be!) What a wonderful week it was indeed 🙂

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  1. Isn't it the best feeling. Being at the end of my pregnancy now, that intense feeling of happiness and love felt at the 12 week scan is returning with a vengeance as I get closer to the birth. So happy for you guys

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