Quinoa and smoked salmon sushi

IMG_5485 It’s been a little hectic of late, or perhaps feeling hectic is just the new norm (particularly in the lead up to Christmas)? One thing that remains constant, however, is our assurance of a home cooked meal most evenings. In fact, after a busy day kid-wrangling, teleconferencing and document reviewing, I quite look forward to my little bit of time in the kitchen. Tinkering away at dinner after Little J has gone to bed and Miss C is reading stories with her dad. The whole process can be quite therapeutic, really. IMG_5481 On this occasion it was sushi, but with cooked quinoa in place of rice. The other usual suspects were there though – smoked salmon, avocado, carrot, capsicum and cucumber. IMG_5478IMG_5483IMG_5484 I made four large rolls – two for ‘now’ and two for ‘later’,  served with  a simple side salad. Sadly I’d forgotten the wasabi and pickled ginger, but they were tasty never-the-less. Not to mention colourful! IMG_5486 And my verdict on the quinoa substitute? Loved the crunch! Definitely a substitute to keep in mind for the future. IMG_5487 I do, however, have to work on my sushi rolling skills – they are pretty hopeless. What about you? Are you a fan of sushi?