Third Pregnancy – Reflections at the halfway mark

Our THIRD pregnancy.

It still feels rather surreal to be saying it, and boy do we feel blessed.

If you follow me on Instagram – you would have seen our big announcement recently. For our little family of four is set to become a family of five in July this year. And while I was super organised in keeping a diary during my first pregnancy, and somewhat organised throughout my second, well let’s just say I’ve been less than organised this time around.

My previous diary entries have been so wonderful to look back on, so now seems like the perfect time to take a step back and reflect on this pregnancy too.  There’s always a fine-line between share and overshare, but I always appreciate having a little record to look back on in years to come. So here goes.

I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant, and we have known since I was 4 weeks. The downside of IVF being that you find out early, really early.

Yes, like J, this little bean is also an IVF gift.

We had always seen 3 children in our future, but weren’t too sure how realistic our dream was. We went through a failed IVF attempt early last year, which only made the reality of the situation all too clear. Maternal age was weighing heavily on my mind (I’m a dinosaur, I know…) and I always had a set “end-point” to when we would say goodbye to the prospect of adding a new member to our family. But with the help of our amazing doctor, some crazy growth-hormone drugs and other concoctions to dent our bank account, in September last year we received the amazing news.

We were pregnant.

Weeks 4 to 13

I’d like to say that the first trimester flew, but honestly, it dragged.

(4 weeks: We were just about to go into the circus when we got the ‘good news’ phonecall)

Finding out so early is always a curse, particularly when you can’t really share your news, and you have to act ‘normal’. And then the dreaded morning sickness hit. Or in my case, and as was the case with my pregnancy with J, my “morning” sickness hit around lunchtime and continued until bed time.

(6 weeks pregnant: At a friend’s wedding. The nausea had just started, but it was all smiles for the camera!)

The nausea generally peaked right on school pick up time, and left me feeling drained, nauseous and generally unwell.  Salads made me gag, cheese sandwiches were my staple, and the nausea was only manageable if I was consuming carbs.

(10 weeks: I took the girls down to Melbourne for my nephew’s 1st birthday. And while the drive and evenings were a struggle, it was wonderful to share our news with my family  in person).

A saving grace was the distraction of Christmas. Although there were none of the usual celebratory champagne or cocktails for me, it was great to have some time off work and take little adventures with our family (not to mention, naps).

(Smiling for the camera to get our Christmas picture, and if my memory serves me correct, eating a bag of chips and going to bed as soon as we got home). 

Thankfully my mornings were relatively symptom free, however, and I was still able to fit in my daily walk. And I coped with work and household chores by trying to fit in as much as I could  before the nausea came on around lunch (after which I was pretty much useless). And while the symptoms were not wanted, they were reassuring, and we got beautiful results at our growth scans and other tests.

On that note, we were surprised to learn that since my last pregnancies, they have introduced a new genetic test – the side benefit being that you can find out gender really early. Like 10 weeks early. And right on the 10-week mark, we found out we were welcoming another little girl into our family. Miss C was less than impressed at first (she really wanted a brother) but has now warmed to the idea and can’t wait to meet her newest little sister!

I think J is still a little too young to really understand what is going on, although if I ask her where the baby is, she points to my tummy which is pretty adorable.

Weeks 14 to 20

Somehow I managed to bumble through the first 8 weeks then as quickly as the nausea arrived, it subsided. One day it was there, the next it was gone. And I must say I was pretty pleased about that. My usual salads regained their appeal, and I could actually do things during the afternoon without feeling like death warmed up.

Physically, I felt great during this period.  None of the headaches or pelvic pain that I had experienced with J, and I loved being able to keep active with my morning walks.

(16 weeks: Celebrating Australia Day with a hike up to Booroomba Rocks)

I was, and still am, battling with bone-tiring fatigue. I’m heading to bed quite early (although, let’s be honest , I generally do), although there are some days where I can barely keep my eyes open!  I put it down to being a few years older, working and having two other little ones to run around after all day. So yeah – I’ve pretty much accepted that it is the new normal – albeit begrudgingly.

As for the belly – well – it grows (as does everything else!). Faster with each pregnancy it seems, and if I’m honest – I’m not really loving it. I know its all part of the process, but experiencing growth and slimdown with 3 pregnancies in 5 years – and a bulging wardrobe to cater for multiple sizes – well its not as exciting as the first time around that’s for sure!

(9 weeks, 14 weeks, 19 weeks)

So there you have it – a little snippet into the last 20 weeks! Here’s hoping the next half flies, as we are all looking forward to meeting our newest family member and beginning our life as a family of five.

Now if we could only decide on a name….

My words for 2017

I’m not one for resolutions, but I do appreciate the freshness of a new year. The chance to sit back and reflect on the year that was – what worked and what didn’t – and make some goals for the year to come.

We’ve worked hard over the last few years to get more balance back in our family life. And while it still remains a work in progress, it’s something that we think about, and talk about, often. Time always seems in short supply, and with two littlies in the house I don’t see that changing anytime soon. But making the most of the time we do have, filling it with fun and adventures, well that seems like a pretty good goal to me.

This year I sense that we are again going to be busy. Our calendar is already filling up – and the first half of the year is on its way to being pretty full. Miss C starts big school shortly, and Little J moves into an extra day at daycare, and I’m a bit unsure as to how we are going to fit in all the drop offs and pick ups, the other activities, fitness, family…..

And while I don’t have any resolutions for the year, per se, and I’m reluctant to commit to any firm “plan” (at least until I work out what the new normal is going to be) I do have a few words that I am going to give a little more attention to this year…

  • Create – I’ve missed writing, and creating in the kitchen, and its about time I got back into it. Starting with a more regular blogging schedule and perhaps a few other creative outlets. More recipe experiments, and expanding my knowledge of international cuisine too.
  • Capture –  I love photography, and want to make the conscious effort to grab my ‘good’ camera more. For the memories captured are always so special to me.
  • Focus – On the present, and the small. More moments spent cherishing the little things. Reading more books and writing more letters.
  • Adventure –  Continuing to embrace my love for the outdoors, and sharing this with our girls.

So, just a few words to get me started -on what I am sure is going to be a magical year!

What about you? What are your ‘words’ for 2017?

2016 – A Year in Review

I’ve heard a lot of people lamenting 2016 – and bidding it a quick and eager farewell. For us, though, 2016 was a good year. Sure, there were some less than stellar moments dotted throughout (but that’s generally the case isn’t it?) but for the most part, we finally managed to strike an ok work / life balance. We also made it through the year with good health and in good spirits, such that we enter 2017 with a sense of anticipation for what the new year might bring.

But before I turn to our hopes and aims for the year to come, it seems only fair to recap the year that was. 


Summer holidays continued in full swing. We celebrated a late Christmas linner, devoured a 8-course Australia Day ‘tasting menu‘, and spent time playing tourist in our home town.


Josie turned ONE(!), Charlotte started Pre-School(!) and we took a week-long cruise around New Caledonia (see here, here, here and here).


Charlotte turned FOUR, we celebrated Easter and took lots of family hikes.


We took more family hikes, cheered on the Brumbies, went camping and got all dressed up for a costume party!


We celebrated Mother’s Day, took more hikes,  and had lots of little adventures – both indoors and out.


With the Canberra Winter having arrived, we had lots of fun indoors. We also took a girl’s road trip down to Melbourne to catch up with family and visit the zoo!


We had dance classes, visitors in town and lots of good food.


We celebrated Book Week, took a quick trip to Melbourne and then a family holiday to Fiji!


We celebrated Father’s Day – Italian Style, painted, created a fairy garden and flew a kite.


We took another trip to Melbourne, the girls dressed up for Halloween and the husband and I went on a “Bloody Long Walk” for charity.


We baked, we went to the Circus, we visited the Show and we celebrated our dear friends’ wedding in Thredbo (where we played in snow!).  


We ate, we drank, we partied.  We took a quick trip to Melbourne to celebrate my nephew’s 1st birthday. Then we had lots of family arrive into town, and celebrated Christmas accordingly.

And so our 2016 came to a close. Filled to the brim with new memories, time spent with family and a seemingly better balance between work and play (well better than in previous years, that’s for sure!!).

Here’s to an even bigger and better 2017!

2015 – A Year in Review

Why hello there!

We’ve had a rather busy Christmas / New Year period – filled with family and friends – and not to mention working on getting the blog back. I finally made the switch to WordPress (why did I wait so long!) and although there is still a fair bit of work to do to get things just ‘right’, I couldn’t wait to get back to blogging ‘live’.

But before we get into all the happenings of late, I thought that taking a brief trip down memory lane would be nice. To reflect on the year that was.

Well a small snapshot of that year, at least.


We started the year with a trip to the Coast – camping at the Farm and spending our days on the beach. Very aware that this would be our last holiday as a family of three.

IMG_2386 IMG_2459


Well this was a rather splendid and special month, as we welcomed little Josephine into our lives. The month was then lost in endless snuggles and cuddles, and soaking up that precious newborn smell.




This month we celebrated all things “Charlotte” – with our spirited girl turning 3! Lots of fun was had at her Enchanted Forest birthday party.


April saw temperatures start to drop, but we had a wonderful time at our annual family Easter brunch. We also took a train ride, searched for eggs in the garden and even visited the Circus!

IMG_3532 IMG_1703


This month saw us take lots of family hikes and bush walks, despite the freezing temperatures outside. We also headed to Beechworth to catch up with my family, and had a great time exploring the local area.




We took a roadtrip to Melbourne this month, to celebrate my little brother’s 30th Birthday! We survived the trip down the Hume with both girls in tow, and had a wonderful time introducing Josie to friends and family. We also finished Charlotte’s bedroom.




July was all about staying warm, for Winter had well and truly taken hold. We hosted a “4th of July” Party (an excuse to cook up some great American dishes), and continued to watch the relationship between our girls blossom.

IMG_4110 IMG_3018


This month we continued to take lots of family hikes, and explore the local area in more depth. There was also a lot of rugby watching!

IMG_1141 IMG_3146


We spent a weekend at Bundanoon this month, for a big family reunion. We also held a “Mexican” inspired Father’s Day Brunch, and I completed my first post-partum 10km race!




I took my first ‘solo’ roadtrip to Melbourne with the girls this month, to visit family and to throw a baby shower for my sister-in-law. We also attended our first Halloween party – dressing up as pirates for the occasion.



This month Charlotte danced in her first concert – and our hearts swelled with pride to see her confidently take the stage. We also spent time with friends, celebrating Thanksgiving and birthdays!

IMG_3773 IMG_5408


December was, as expected, about all things festive. From party to party, our social calendar was quite full, and we finished the year off with a trip to Melbourne to celebrate Christmas. We also met the newest addition to the family, my little nephew.



So there it is! A very brief glimpse into the year that was.

Here’s hoping for a 2016 that is filled even more with family, friends and adventure!


Second Pregnancy – Third Trimester Reflections

As we get down to the ‘business’ end of this pregnancy, I figured it would be lovely to take a step back and reflect on the third trimester. For this baby could come any time now, and the countdown is officially on. You can catch up on my other pregnancy posts here:

Apologies in advance for all the gratuitous bump pics…. Mind In some ways, this pregnancy has flown by. In other way – I feel as if we have been on the fertility / IVF / pregnancy rollercoaster for all too long. I look back at photos from the last 2 years – and can pretty much tell you where we were up to in every single one. 2v9 - Copy If I’m to be honest, this pregnancy was not as ‘easy’ as my first. Physically, it was harder, which meant ‘mentally’ it felt harder too. But I’ve consciously taken a step back to reflect on all the wonderful aspects. The fact that I have, thus far, had another low risk pregnancy with no complications – now that is something to be grateful for. But the tiredness…….oh my god the tiredness! Body I’ll let the photos do the talking… monthsfivetonine - Copy Months 5 to 9….quite a change! Similar to my last pregnancy – things in the ‘bump growth’ department seem to have slowed down in the third trimester. Baby BBB is still growing beautifully – however – and we are predicting a bub of similar size to Charlotte. My weight gain was more this pregnancy (my insatiable hunger for carbs having a lot to do with it)  although it seems to have distributed itself a little differently this time around.  IMG_4703 36 (1st v 2nd pregnancy – 36 weeks) I don’t feel as if I have been blessed with the pregnancy glow though, more like a ‘I’m-so-tired-and-hungry’ shimmer… IMG_2539 From 19 weeks I’ve had daily braxton hicks, and lots of pelvic pain – the latter being a symptom I never really had during my first pregnancy. Actually, some days it is so bad that I can barely walk – while other days its not there at all. I saw a physio and got a stability belt which has helped during those bad days, as has trying to keep as active as possible (walking, swimming etc). IMG_2983 Other than that, this baby is a wriggler and a shaker, and I’ve been blessed to feel lots and lots of kicks and movement from very early on. Soul I finished up at work just shy of 37 weeks, with encouragement from Mr BBB, and it was honestly a great (forced) decision. Charlotte and I have been able to spend some fantastic time together – with daily walks, milkshake dates and other such adventures! IMG_2897 IMG_2833IMG_2972IMG_3009 Actually – it is probably C’s impending change from only child to big sister that I am most conscious of as this pregnancy draws to a close. She still affectionately refers to the baby as ‘Broccoli’ (and also tells me she has a baby in her tummy called ‘Rebecca Rabbit’) but whether she has a real understanding that Broccoli will soon be a real-live baby at home – I’m not so sure. But, she is a smart kid who never ceases to amaze me with her adaptability and comprehension – so she will no doubt make an awesome big sister when the time comes! So the third trimester, in summary: How I felt? Sore and tired. Super excited to meet the newest addition to our family in the not too distant future. Super anxious that we still haven’t decided on a name. What I missed? Being able to stand up without feeling dizzy. Oh and the the usual suspects – running, biking and wine….. Symptoms? See above. Pelvic pain, fatigue and dizziness. Oh and I am anaemic….awesome. Cravings?  I’m still on the carb band-wagon. And wishing it was more of a salad bandwagon. Highlights? Lots and lots of beautiful kicks. Oh – and giving the nursery a little makeover. IMG_0004 So there you have it – my final reflections post in what has been a very blessed second pregnancy (again…sincere apologies for all the shameless bump pics!) Needless to say – we can’t wait to meet the newest addition to our family sometime soon!

2nd pregnancy – Second Trimester Reflections

Where did we leave off?  That’s right – it was my First Trimester Reflections – and the horrible all-day nausea that came along with it. Thankfully, my Second Trimester proved to be a far more enjoyable few months. And here I am at the start of the third…. How on earth did that happen?!?! Mind On the one hand, I feel as if I have been pregnant for ages. Then, on the other, it seems to be slipping by at warp speed. Working and looking after a toddler certainly makes the days pass by pretty quickly, although I am starting to feel impatient and “ready” to welcome the newest member into our family. PicMonkey Collage The last few months have seen some pretty crazy hormones – although a reduction in nausea has meant I am back to exercising! Yep – if the first trimester was all about survival – this second trimester has been all about moving! And boy is my mind grateful for it. Nothing too strenuous, but regular swims, walks and body balance has left me feeling in a far better headspace. I simply cannot wait to return to running and biking though…. Body What can I say? It grows. More and more each day. I’ve officially banned the scale – and am ignoring all ‘recommended weight gain’ charts (those damn charts). If I’m honest, my constant cravings for carbs and other delicious delights hasn’t exactly helped things in that respect though…. Gluttony aside, there is certainly truth to the idea that you ‘pop’ much quicker in your subsequent pregnancies than your first. For I seem to be looking about 3 weeks further along when compared with my first pregnancy – and maternity clothes are well and truly taking pride of place in my wardrobe. On that note – I have to give a big shout-out to Even of Eden Maternity for very kindly sending me a maternity clothes “care package” – including these great khaki shorts that I have been living in lately… IMG_1573  IMG_1603‘’ I can’t say I experienced any surges in energy these last few months – and am still falling into bed early and sleeping soundly each night. I had a period of intense headaches, and a lot more hip/pelvis/back pain than I remember from last time – although swimming seems to be helping that.  And, yes, I am acutely aware that this could be one long Summer I am facing…. Soul The nostalgia continues in full swing – as I reflect on the changes that are about to occur – the most wonderful of which being that Miss C will become big sister! She seems to have a good understanding that a little baby will be joining us soon (“after Santa”) and has affectionately named the baby “broccoli”. Or Pedro. IMG_0025  IMG_0027 (Sporting another Eve of Eden maternity top that will no doubt come in handy when nursing…) We are keeping the baby’s gender a surprise this time, although my instinct tells me we are having another little girl (*Insert complete panic that I have NO idea re names*) I have a few names that I like, but none that I love, which is a little worrying…. So – the second trimester, in summary: How I felt? Not nauseous! What I missed? Running, vino and being able to get off the couch gracefully. Symptoms? Headaches, pelvis/back/hip pain, braxton hicks. Cravings?  Carbs, carbs and more carbs. It’s relentless. Highlights? Kicks, kicks and more kicks! Yes Baby BBB is a mover and a shaker. Let the countdown to baby’s birthday officially begin! —- PS – For those of you “with child” (or soon to be “with child”) who are looking for some maternity goodies  – head over to – where you can enter BAKEBIKE2 at the checkout to receive $10 off any purchase over $60 (one use per customer and expires 31st Jan 2015). And a big “thankyou” to Eve of Eden for offering such a lovely deal to my readers.

2012 in review

I will forever look back on 2012 with fondness. For it brought with it so much joy and love, and truly enriched our lives. More than anything, I feel that 2012 represented growth. Physical growth – that saw my body gain with pregnancy, and then lose afterwards. That saw my ‘baby bump’ turn into squishy newborn, and then into a crawling, eating, standing energetic 10 month old. And, moreso, 2012 represented emotional growth. My transition to mother of one. From full time office worker, to part-time worker from home. Our transition from couple, to parents. I learnt about sleeplessness. About caring for a baby. About caring for myself. I learnt about the importance of family, and reminded how wonderful my family really is. I learnt more about love than I ever thought possible. I travelled, I ran, I biked. We attended parties. We had FUN! So as we find ourselves at the beginning of a new year, it feels so very appropriate to take a look back at the year that was. IMG_4546IMG_4594IMG_4611 IMG_4687IMG_4819P2260002IMG_5197IMG_5234IMG_5351IMG_5830IMG_5831IMG_6475P4220004IMG_6916P5270007P5310014IMG_7394IMG_8033IMG_8039IMG_8052IMG_8548IMG_8886IMG_9191P7210010IMG_0200IMG_9629IMG_9932IMG_9975P8050004IMG_0650IMG_0668IMG_0908IMG_1044IMG_1409IMG_2113IMG_2272IMG_2347IMG_2370IMG_2397IMG_2480IMG_3766IMG_3792IMG_4369IMG_4391IMG_2938IMG_2975IMG_3043IMG_3045IMG_3144IMG_3263IMG_3534IMG_4589IMG_4769IMG_4772IMG_4976IMG_5288IMG_5580IMG_5599IMG_5663IMG_5666IMG_5696IMG_5756IMG_6049IMG_6055IMG_6162IMG_6197IMG_6207 So what are my ‘goals’ for 2013. Truthfully, I think they are much the same as last year.

  • Be involved
  • Be active
  • Be adventurous
  • Be kind
  • Be patient

What about you? What are your goals for 2013?

31 today

Thankyou all for your lovely comments re my last post – it seems that ‘mummy-guilt’ is fairly common place.  I just need to relax a little – which the rational part of me knows will not only be good for me, but Charlotte also. If only the irrational part of me would listen! Today has been a splendid one, thus far. For I went to sleep aged 30, and woke up a year older. And what better way to celebrate another year passing by than with my little family. I did have to go into work for a while this morning, but was greeted on my return  home by a big bunch of flowers courtesy of Mr BBB and Miss C… IMG_7189 And the promise of a shopping trip in the near future to select a new piece of artwork for our main living area. Most excited indeed! Oh and in other exciting (and well timed for my birthday) news…I was thrilled to find out that I made it through to the next round of the Gourmet Garden Cook Off / Blog Off competition. So yours truly will be competing in a “cook off” at the Sydney Good Food and Wine Festival in June. Exited? Yes! Nervous? Most certainly!!! Perhaps my impending birthday has had something to do with the sense of nostalgia I have experienced recently. For I have found myself reflecting more and more on the changes that have taken place in my life over the last 12 months. Big, wonderful changes. Last year  I celebrated my 30th birthday with a Moroccan dinner party with friends and family at home… mo And this year I am celebrating my birthday with the newest addition to our life. mum The last 12 months really have been nothing short of amazing. I travelled both nationally and internationally. I ran, I biked, I baked. I stood at the edge of the Grand Canyon. I boated next to the Niagara Falls. I got pregnant, grew a baby and gave birth to our daughter. I went from blonde, to brunette and back to blonde again. We landscaped our yard. I gained 13kg, and lost 11kg. I went from working full time, to working part-time from home. I feel as if I have grown as a person. And my birthday wish from this time last year came true… IMG_7068 Time for a photo trip down memory lane… P6120012P6120016P6180023P6190030recap9IMG_0103IMG_0110  IMG_5130IMG_0042IMG_0085IMG_0424IMG_0142IMG_0859IMG_0525IMG_0683 IMG_1568 IMG_1600IMG_1634IMG_1010IMG_1253IMG_1259IMG_1854IMG_1891IMG_1972IMG_2001IMG_2111recap8donutsIMG_4085IMG_4206IMG_4231IMG_4247PC010019PB120009rearrearleftIMG_4306IMG_4505IMG_4545IMG_4546IMG_4594IMG_5916IMG_4685P2150001IMG_5192IMG_5200IMG_6994IMG_7008IMG_5908P4290001 Who knows what the next year will bring? All I know is…I’m pretty excited to find out!

One year ago & the wait continues…

One year ago,  I had the memories of a second miscarriage still weighing deep in my heart. I was also undergoing a mentally and physically exhausting 6 months of fertility treatment, with all the associated drugs, mood swings and tears. I was scared. And angry. And sad. IMG_4811 But now here I am. Or should I say, now here we are. Today, being the 8th of March 2012,  is the day that baby BBB was scheduled to arrive. The day that has been circled in our calendar since mid last year, and the one that we have been counting down to for 40 long weeks. IMG_5129 (Or not….) However, it seems that baby BBB is not quite ready to make her grand entrance into the world just yet. And so the wait continues. It could be a day, it could be a week. We will just have to wait and see. As I sit here typing I can feel her moving around inside me. A feeling that I don’t think I could ever get sick of, and one that I will no doubt miss even when I am lucky enough to hold her in my arms (hopefully) within the next week. The last 10 months that we have already spent together have been nothing short of amazing. Her presence has been an endless source of happiness for me, and I am so very grateful that I got to share this special time with her. All I can say is that we are ready to meet our daughter, whenever she is ready to meet us. Already she has brought so much joy to our family and to our lives, more than she can probably ever know. A new life, a new start, and we can’t wait to watch her grow into a beautiful girl, just as we have watched my belly grow over the last 10 months. With our marriage of two about to become a family of three, Mr BBB and I have never felt so blessed. But for now….the wait continues Smile

5 things I have loved about being pregnant…

Can you believe that there is only one more week until baby BBB’s due date?? IMG_4819 Now, whether or not she makes her appearance on that day (or before…or after….) remains to be seen, but to know that any day now that I could go from pregnant to parent is rather wonderful. When I woke up this morning having reached 39 weeks pregnant, I could not help but reflect on my pregnancy ‘journey’ over the last 10 months. I certainly feel as if I have been incredibly lucky during pregnancy, with my body co-operating and no real complications to speak of. Actually, I have rather loved being pregnant for many reasons. But here are 5 reasons that come to mind…. 1. Feeling baby BBB move inside me. What started out as tickles, and then flutters, transformed into kicks and rolls as the weeks progressed. It never ceases to make me smile when I feel our daughter moving inside me, and I have no doubts that I will miss this even when I am holding her in my arms. recap5 2. My hair and nails Pre-pregnancy I had fine hair, and brittle nails, both of which would drive me insane on a regular basis. While pregnant, however, both seem to be growing wonderfully. And, although I am told that the extra thickness to my hair may sadly disappear once I give birth (and may do so rather dramatically!?) having thicker hair and stronger nails has been awesome in the meantime. 3. Learning to listen to and trust my instincts One way I overcame the anxiety that I was experiencing in the first trimester, was to really learn to listen to, and trust, my instincts. Even when we had a scare following the 20 week scan, something inside me just knew that baby BBB was ok. And you know what, she was. IMG_4993 I am hoping that this new found ‘skill’ is one that will remain with me into motherhood also. 4. Watching my body grow and change, but keeping a sense of calm Early on, I was overwhelmed by the numbers that were appearing on the scale. My solution? Ditch the scale – at least for a good portion of the first and second trimesters. I realised that worrying about a number on a scale was not what I or baby BBB needed. And, slowly but surely, I began to embrace the curves that were appearing, the changes that were occurring (stretch marks and all), and be thankful for a body that was strong and healthy and able to carry a baby to term. P2150001 And with this came a sense of calm. Walking became my new best friend (rather than a reluctant alternative to my beloved biking and running) and even at 39 weeks pregnant I am still trying to fit one in every day. 5. Having the opportunity to share this experience with my parents I think the most special aspect of being pregnant for me is exactly that. Being pregnant. My parents were unable to conceive, and adopted my brother and I when we were babies. So as my mum has never been pregnant herself, my pregnancy has been as much of a learning experience for her as it has been for me. I have loved being able to confide in her throughout my pregnancy, and share with her all the details (some more glamorous than others). She was actually the first and only person who knew that we were pregnant (for almost 14 weeks!), and was an endless source of comfort during my fairly anxious first trimester. My dad, too, has been fantastic support for Mr BBB and I over the last 10 months, and I think the fact he is now calling me every day would suggest he is one excited grandad to-be! Clichéd as it may sound (and you’ll have to forgive this hormonal preggy lady for getting a little sentimental right about now), but between my parents’ experiences, and my own fertility hurdles,  I firmly believe that pregnancy is a gift. A gift that I am certainly grateful for. What about you? For those mums out there, what did you love about being pregnant?