Goats cheese, prosciutto and pear bruschetta

IMG_7256 The fun didn’t end when we crossed the finish line of the Color Run on Sunday. No, after a much needed shower to de-colour and warm up – we headed straight out to a post-run / birthday party – where the cocktails were flowing. Knowing that I would have little time to prepare a dish to contribute, I went in search of something savoury that wasn’t too difficult, and could be prepared relatively quickly. And I’m pleased to report that this goats cheese, prosciutto and pear “bruschetta” worked just beautifully. IMG_7255 I bought some thinly sliced Italian bread, that I drizzled with oil and then toasted in the oven for 3 or 4 minutes. Topped with goats cheese (to which I had added  a splash of milk to aid with spreading), sliced pear, prosciutto and a few sprigs of fresh oregano. IMG_7258 Then right before serving, I added a little drizzle of caramelised onion balsamic vinegar, and our party platter was complete! IMG_7262 Definitely a “bring a plate” that I will be making again! What about you? Have a favourite bruschetta topping?

Maple glazed pork and pear salad

With Spring in the air, I am slowly turning away from the hearty stews and casseroles that kept my belly warm all Winter. Instead, I am craving crunchy salads – with the added bonus being that they are healthy and so quick to throw together. This particular salad was inspired by a recipe in a cooking magazine that I picked up. IMG_0594 Maple glazed pork and pear salad.   IMG_0592 The ‘glaze’ was simple – maple syrup, balsamic vinegar and dried chilli. IMG_0591 Some of which was brushed over pear slices, grilled until soft. IMG_0593 The pork fillets were grilled, and then roasted with the remaining glaze. Then it was time to build the salad! Mixed lettuce and the pears… IMG_0595 Topped with slices of the roasted pork. IMG_0599 Drizzled with the pan juices… IMG_0603 And dinner was served. IMG_0601 Whilst I am not one who regularly uses fruit in my salads, this was a rather tasty dinner indeed. IMG_0604 The pork was tender, and the pears were sweet and tasty. But when there is also maple syrup and balsamic vinegar involved, well you really can’t go wrong can you?! IMG_0606 All cooked in under 30 minutes! A win for sure. What about you? Do you ‘do’ fruit in salads?

Pear and almond friands (gluten free)

IMG_9294 Happy Monday lovely people! My weekend disappeared, as it is known to do, in the blink of an eye. I did, however, find time to do my favourite weekend things. Working out, market meandering, lazy brunches, sports watching, reading, coffee drinking….you get the drift. IMG_9274 And then there was the baking. Oh how I love the baking. IMG_9277 Particularly when you find out some family are dropping in for a cuppa on Sunday afternoon.  Because why just have a cuppa, when you can have a cuppa and a freshly baked friand lol. Using my pineapple and coconut friands recipe as a base, I subbed fresh pear for the pineapple, flaked almonds in place of the flaked coconut and left out the coconut flour all together (replacing it with GF flour). IMG_9276 I also halved the recipe, to make 6 instead of 12, with no dramas. IMG_9280 The result? IMG_9282 Incredibly light, fluffy…. IMG_9293 And moist freshly baked friands. IMG_9287 The pear added a nice subtle flavour, while the flaked almonds added a great crunch. IMG_9286 Friands really are turning into my ‘go to’ sweet treat. IMG_9288    Not only can they be made using only 1 bowl and a whisk, they also go from thought to table in just over 20 minutes! IMG_9290 Oh and did I mention they taste pretty good too 😉 What about you? Any ideas what my next friand flavour should be?