Chocolate mousse ‘muddy puddles’

Truthfully, I’ve been a little flat since my family headed back to Melbourne on Monday. Work has been a tad crazy – I missed a couple workouts – and I’ve generally felt rather ‘blah’. But in an attempt to snap out of it – Charlotte and I have been looking back at all the photos taken during last weekend – and laughing at a couple along the way… IMG_8183 Segway anyone? Another photo that caught my attention was of these yummy little chocolate mousses we put together for C’s party. And while I am normally a huge fan of mousse in its original form, these were really easy and convenient – and contained no raw egg (which I know some people dislike). IMG_7800 Simply – chocolate, custard !?) and cream – resulting in a mousse that tasted somewhat like chocolate yogo (remember those!?) but were still delightfully rich and creamy. You can find the recipe here. IMG_7802 Thanks to Easter and the early injection of chocolates into the supermarkets – I topped the mousses simply with a lindt chocolate carrot. And I’m thinking our fellow party goers were also chocolate mousse fans – as there was not a single one left by the end! Shame really, for I have no doubt a little chocolate fix would be just perfect right now… What about you? Are you a fan of chocolate mousse?

Chocolate mousse cups

IMG_8282 There were many things I loved about being pregnant. A growing belly, thick hair, strong nails… Having to avoid certain foods was, however, not one of those things. Particularly when those foods include chocolate mousse – in all its raw egg glory. IMG_8290 When my dad was in town over the weekend, and we threw a little dinner party, I decided that I could not wait to satisfy my chocolate mousse craving any longer.  So – it was a ‘baked potato’ buffet for the main course, and individual chocolate mousse cups for dessert. Complete with chocolate swirls… IMG_8255 Cream and a fresh strawberry on top. IMG_8280 (I think they look like little lipstick covered lips!) Frustratingly, I overheated the dark chocolate and it seized a little when I added the other ingredients.  So while the texture of this mousse was not as silky and smooth as I would have liked… IMG_8281 The rich chocolate flavour more than made up for it. IMG_8287 I’m just glad I decided to serve the mousse in small glasses, as it really was very rich. Almost too rich. As for the recipe – well that is a work in progress. I’m planning on getting it ‘just right’ – and will be sure to share it with you when I do! I see a lot of taste testing in our near future…. What about you? Are you a fan of mousse???