5 things Friday

Oh Friday, how happy I am to see you! Time for a ‘5 things Friday’ I think!

  1. This weekend we have a lot of fun things planned. A trip to the Circus and the school Fete being two. Although I suspect the weekend will involve a lot less walking than last weekend, when Mr BBB and I tackled the “Bloody Long Walk”. A 35km charity walk that took us just over 6 hours to complete (and I think my legs are still feeling it…)


2. Another reason I am feeling tired at the moment? One word….


Yes we have well and truly hit the tantrum phase, coupled with the independent phase. Getting dressed, meals and generally trying to get out of the house has been routinely frustrated by our spirited 21-month old.

This photo is a good example. For not even two minutes after it was taken, she was horrified, HORRIFIED, when I stopped her from throwing paint on the ground and deteriorated into an all-consuming tantrum that lasted a good 25 minutes!


3. Her big sister, on the other hand, is in a wonderful stage. Filled with lots of role-play and arts. We bought this costume for her daycare Halloween party, and she’s pretty much been living in it ever since.


4. Tantrums aside, there is another thing I know for sure about J and that is her absolute adoration for her big sister. Wherever C is, J won’t be too far behind. And whatever C is doing, well J will give it a go too. Sure, they have their moments, but for the most part they are great buddies.

img_0596 5. Another recent favourite moment? Having “Jonpa” in town on a particular splendid Canberra weekend – which turned out to be perfect kite flying weather too. Needless to say a lot of fun was had at the Arboretum!

What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

5 things Friday

Happy Friday lovely people!

I’ve been meaning to post since Monday, but work has been rather hectic and then  some surprise guests arrived into town, so here I am 5 days later finally with a spare moment to hit the keyboard.

It’s perfect timing for a 5 things Friday though.

  1. We are in love with the newest addition to our hallway – namely some Ikea shoe cabinets to store all the school bags, daycare bags, nappy bags and handbags that were cluttering up our entryway.


Clutter be gone! Or hidden, at least…

2. These two are obsessed with climbing into our bed as we get ready in the morning.


Cuteness overload.

3. Adding to the cute factor? Watching both girls at a recent dance class. C has been attending for a few years, and J will be starting classes next term.


4. Current love? This double cream camembert from the Nowra Farmhouse.


5. Eaten alongside? A glass of Pinot Gris.


Yes despite the freezing temperatures outside, I am still reaching for white wine instead of red. And while I normally lean towards Australian Pinot Gris, this one from Marlborough was not bad at all!

What about you? What are you eating or drinking lately?

5 things Friday

1. Seriously – talk about a super-speedy week! I blinked and suddenly it is Friday. Not that I am complaining – for we have a jam packed weekend planned. A bit of family, a bit of food and a bit of fitness. Great combination if you ask me. 2.  A hint of the ‘family’ and ‘food’ element… IMG_3253 Any guesses? 3. And the ‘fitness’ element? Well that might just be my first race post little J! I have a feeling its going to hurt. A lot. IMG_32544. I really don’t want the weekend to end though, for I also have my first interstate work trip on Monday. It’s only for the day, but not having been away from little J for more than an hour or so since she was born, the idea of flying interstate for the day is unsettling. I am sure she will be fine, and it will be me that is the one freaking out lol. 5. Speaking of J, she is 7 months old today! Such a gorgeous, goofy little thing… IMG_3214 What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

5 things Friday

1. In the past 10 days, we have had two rounds of conjunctivitis, an ear infection, vomits, multiple spiked temperatures, 2 trips to the chemist and 2 to the doctor. And it has rained. A lot. Bring on the weekend, I say! IMG_3128 2. Rainy days + sick kids = comfort food. Enter: loads of toast with lashings of marmalade. IMG_4345 3.  Also feeling grateful for? My slow cooker – and its ability to make meals like this slow cooked chilli with minimal fuss. IMG_4390 4. In an attempt to try and organise the ‘to do’ pile (which sadly has grown, and not shrunk, this week) I picked up this new planner … IMG_4395 5. We’ve a good weekend planned – with a party to attend, (hopefully) a bush walk and a family afternoon at the trampoline park. Here’s hoping everyone is on the mend soon! What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

5 things Friday

1. Purchase of the week? These lunchboxes from YumBox – which are proving to be quite the hit with C! IMG_3830IMG_3831 I love the compartments and non-leak lids. 2. I am well and truly back on the quinoa bandwagon (not that I ever really left it). The perfect ‘filler’ to add to soups, curries etc. IMG_3833 3. I had to laugh at the Mother’s Day card I received this year. Yep – chocolate and wine pretty are pretty much my two vices! IMG_3835 4. As are chocolate, peanut butter and macadamia brownies… IMG_3776 Enough said! 5. Thanks to the babysitting services of Nanna this week, C and I had a little ‘one on one’ time that was just bliss. Nothing too extravagant, just an hour at the playground and a baby-cino afterwards.  While she loves her baby sister, I think she was missing mama/daughter time, and I too was missing uninterrupted time with my gal. 11265363_978907892121989_2807356748243149806_n Mission success! What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

5 things Friday

Well here we are at the end of another week, so its time for a ‘5 things Friday’! 1. I’ve been loving our recent Mt Ainslie walks – with three walks up the mountain in the last couple of weeks. Baby-wearing for the win! 11174949_974113589268086_1269631221115108680_n ps. I’m a big fan of the Ergo Smile 2. My new favourite photo of Little J… IMG_2213 If only I knew what she was thinking! 3. Another recent love? IMG_2229 San Pellegrino. Cannot get enough of this stuff. 4. Also on the ‘love list’? Crunchy apples. With the health factor promptly negated by the addition of peanut butter… IMG_2230 5. Our photo journal of C’s first year also arrived! haha it only took me three years to put together – but I’m so pleased with the finished product. Not to mention the sentimental trip down memory lane while putting it together. IMG_2231 Let me know if you would like more details and I’d be happy to share! What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

5 things Friday

1. Let’s NOT mention the fact that today is the 1st of May. MAY!!!??? I am officially freaking out at just how fast this year is going. Particularly the last 12 weeks!. IMG_2032 2. What I did love about this week…. IMG_5311 Lots of autumn sunshine which meant lots of walks! 3. A favourite moment of the week? Walking up Mt Ainslie with a bunch of Canberra mamas I just met – each with our babies in carriers. My legs are still reminding me of that one, but I can’t wait for our next group walk! walk 4. I am still 100% obsessed with this new cookbook and have cooked three meals from it so far! IMG_3688 5. Speaking of food, I am hopelessly behind in my food blog posts – so be prepared for foodie-post overload in the next few weeks!  I feel as if I have so many tasty meals to share… IMG_3751 What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

5 things Friday

1. Exciting news – I finally created a BBB facebook page!! I’ve been meaning to create one for a while (ahem years) now, but was a tad “technology intimidated”. It’s a work in process, but I’d love it if you could head over and ‘like’ the page! (www.facebook.com/bakebikeblog) blog 2. It must have been a computer catch up week, for I also finished our 2014 family photo journal and Charlotte’s ‘first year’ journal (only took three years haha!).And what a walk down memory lane they were. Look how little Miss C was?!?! IMG_8264 I can’t wait until the hard copies arrive. 3. Perhaps it was the cooler / windy / wild weather that brought on this run of indoor activity and accomplishment? Little J and I really missed our daily outdoor walks, with the treadmill favoured over being blown away outside! 4. How to keep myself from going completely bonkers with boredom on said treadmill walks??? Old episodes of McLeod’s daughters – gosh I loved that series! 5. On the agenda this weekend? Hopefully a trip to the Brumbies game (weather pending) and also a trip to the Circus. Fun times indeed! What about you? What are you up to this weekend?

5 things Friday

1.  Life as a family of four is proving quite the logistical challenge at the moment, but is also so very very rewarding. Actually I’ve been meaning to write a post about the newest addition to our family and how she is settling in – next week perhaps? For now, let’s just say she is giving us gummy smiles, is rocking tummy time and even rolled from back to front!!! IMG_1680 Oh and her big sister  continues to be full of well-intended affection Winking smile  IMG_1708 2. Speaking of C, she has become quite the little helper in the kitchen and we’ve shared many a cooking session recently. IMG_3599 When she sees me start dinner, she will run and grab her blue stool and quickly join me. IMG_3605 Too cute! 3. On that note, I’m thinking of investing in a slow cooker for the cooler months. Any thoughts? 4. We are working our way through a new series – Sons of Anarchy… IMG_3618 We are currently on season 2 – and while I am enjoying the series – I can’t help but feel a little uneasy about the apparent glorification of a bikie gang?? 5. This product… IMG_3638 ? I am both intrigued and horrified???? What about you? Do you have a slow cooker?

5 things Friday

Well that was a speedy week, don’t you think? 1. We’ve been loving the warmer weather recently, which is set to continue into the weekend with 36C predicted for Sunday! 2. Summery days = summery meals – and a favourite from this week was this oven baked chicken / capsicum combination. IMG_1746 3. On the agenda this week? Putting some finishing touches on C’s “big girl’s room”. With only 11 weeks (or so) until the baby comes, time for us to start the room transition. And toilet training….. IMG_1750 (A sneak peek for you…) 4. Also on the agenda? Getting all our supplies packed and ready for our first family camping adventure which is coming up soon. IMG_1752 So excited!! 5. Oh – and did you realise that there are only 5 weeks until Christmas? We are keeping it pretty low key this year, but I can’t help but wonder where the year went!!?? What about you? What are you up to this weekend?