Canberra Dining with Kids – The Museum Cafe

Our next foray into the world of brunching with a toddler, saw us visit an iconic Canberra institution… – the National Museum. I’ve been here for a few work functions over the years, but never for breakfast, and heard that new caterers (Broadbean Catering) were on board. IMG_2211 We didn’t make a booking in advance, but secured a table inside pretty easily with views of the lake. The venue also had some outdoor seating that looked like a great option for the warmer months. IMG_2197 The Service It was a little confusing when we arrived, with no menus on the table or direction as to whether table service was offered. We found a menu on the blackboard (and later some printed menus at the counter) and soon realised that we had to order at the counter. Truthfully, we find this to be a good option for us (and our impatient toddler!) as we can set the pace of the service and our dining experience generally. IMG_2201 On this particular day, we arrived at the same time as a large group, so the ordering process was a little slow. The server also seemed a little confused when we were placing our order (which didn’t inspire a lot of confidence), however our coffee and meals come out pretty quickly in the end, and were correct, so I really can’t complain. The Food Given the start of our experience was a little chaotic, I was a tad sceptical as to the quality of the meals that would arrive (the venue seeming more kiosk than cafe at this stage….) IMG_2204 However, I was pleasantly surprised when my meal was placed in front of me. I went for the scrambled eggs  with grilled asparagus, parmesan and sourdough – and I couldn’t fault it at all.  The eggs were cooked perfectly, and the flavours were spot on. IMG_2205 Mr BBB opted for the poached eggs with avocado salsa with serrano ham, and was also really happy with his meal. IMG_2207 And, as for the little Miss, her serving of sourdough proved quite the hit as she insisted on buttering every slice herself. And then proceeded to eat most our bacon and gobble up my scrambled eggs! IMG_2210 For the kids? The ‘kiosk’ style of this venue actually worked quite well for dining with a toddler, as it wasn’t too quiet or stuffy. We had problems finding a high chair, and then when we did it had odd straps, meaning that it was a little difficult to keep C at the table. So while not a ‘kids cafe’, as such, we didn’t feel out of place with our toddler in tow. Overall Despite a few issues with service (and highchairs!), this proved to be a great brunch option. I loved that we could walk in and get a table without booking, and the meals were served pretty quickly. A nice place to bring the family next time they are in town I think. IMG_2213 The details Name: The Museum Cafe (site) Where: National Museum, Lawson Crescent, Acton Phone: 02 6208 5000 Open: Every day from 9am to 4.45pm (except Christmas day). What about you? Are you a fan of ‘ordering at the counter’ or do you prefer table service?

Canberra dining with kids – Kusina, Weston Creek

I think I mentioned it a little while ago, but Sundays are fast becoming our scheduled ‘brunch’ day.  Mr BBB has the day off work, we generally don’t have any plans, and we tend to find ourselves rather ravenous after a morning swim session.  C still takes a midday nap, so rather than lunch – we’ve preferred the comfort and convenience of a family brunch instead. And, knowing that in the not too distant future our “schedule” is likely to change once again, we’ve been testing out  new places over the past few months with a view to putting together a list of tried and true favourites.  The aim being to find places have an interesting menu, decent meals and are appropriate for an energetic toddler too! And all this ‘taste testing’ it gave me an idea for a new blog series… Canberra dining with kids  The first in this series, is a local Filipino restaurant  that we were pleased to see had recently extended their weekend trading hours (they used to shut down for a period between breakfast and lunch….) Kusina, Weston Creek We’ve actually been here once or twice for lunch, and were eager to try out their fares for brunch. The Service Upon arrival we were greeted with a big smile, and attentive service right from the start. Menus were provided, orders were taken, and in a matter of moments our drink orders arrived. The Food I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to Filipino food, but all I can say is…yum! I *was* tempted by the “Ube pancakes” (being purple yam pancakes) but sadly they were only available until 11am…next time! Instead, we did our ‘usual’ brunch thing, and ordered a few dishes to share.  Tortang adobo (chicken omelette, served with garlic rice) and Longsilog (garlic sausage, also served with garlic rice and a fried egg)… PicMonkey Collage And, just because we could, we also ordered a side of pandesal – a slightly sweet bread that was nothing short of addictive! IMG_1983 Overall – it was a delicious meal – that had all the hallmarks what I am sure is Kusina’s family touch. For the kids? This is certainly a place where kids are made to feel welcome. C was given her own plastic cup as soon as we sat down (why don’t more places do this!!?) and some pencils and a colouring page. Therefore she was well and truly kept entertained while we waited for our meals. IMG_1977 Oh and they have my favourite plastic IKEA-type highchairs. No complicated strapping systems to be seen! Overall We all really enjoyed this brunch. The food was scrumptious, and a nice change from the usual brunch menu. The service was attentive, and speedy, which when you are dining with a restless toddler is always a plus! Definitely a place that we will be back to. The details Name: Kusina (check our their Facebook page
Where: Cooleman Court, Weston Creek ACT 2611.
Phone: 02 6288 8461 What about you? Have you tried Filipino food?