Honey Joys

IMG_2099 Last week, Miss C had her “school” Christmas Party. And, as is often the case with functions such as these, we were asked to “bring a plate”. Now, normally I would jump at the chance to get creative in the kitchen. However a busy work schedule + baking a baby has taken its toll on me lately – with the kitchen coming in second to time on the couch. So I had intended to just pick up something from the shops on our way to the party. Then I found a big box of unopened cornflakes in the cupboard, and suddenly a little homemade treat didn’t seem so onerous after all. Enter….Honey Joys!  And a nostalgic trip down memory lane. Butter, sugar and honey – warmed until starting to bubble. IMG_2091 Poured over 4 cups of cornflakes, and mixed until well combined. IMG_2092 Into some muffin cases, and baked for 10 minutes. IMG_2093 Yep. That was it. IMG_2095 A (not so healthy) plate to share – done in less than 15 minutes. IMG_2096 After the party, there was not one single honey joy left – so I am calling it a win! IMG_2097 You can find the recipe here. What about you? Ever made honey joys?

Hedgehog Slice

IMG_6563 With all the salads that have been going on around here, I would hate to give you the wrong idea. For while I love my fair share of green goodness, I also have a bit of a sweet tooth (ok a lot of a sweet tooth) that must simply be indulged from time to time. Particularly when there is chocolate and walnuts involved and no baking required… IMG_6514 Straight from the Nestle Cookbook – and into our hot little hands (which were actually quite hot on this particular day – owing to the Summer heatwave….) IMG_6561 Funnily enough, I didn’t always have a sweet tooth. No – I used to prefer savoury treats to sweet – think cheese and crackers over chocolate -  but it seems that the sugar cravings I had when pregnant with Charlotte never really left my body. Or perhaps I am just getting older – and tastes do change over time? Either way – this hedgehog slice hit the spot just perfectly  – with the added bonus that it could serve as my contribution when asked  to bring ‘dessert’ to a late lunch a while ago (and no oven required!) IMG_6566 And oldie – but a goodie – and one that I will make again I’m sure. What about you? Do you prefer sweet or savoury?

Bring a plate #1

IMG_5285 Parties with friends, more than often, leads to that age-old request to “bring a plate”. Something to nibble on – perhaps a starter or even a sweet treat to end the evening. IMG_5282 This last weekend, was no different. A cocktail party for some recent birthdays, where good food and good company is never in short supply.  And my “bring a plate” was pretty straight forward, but possibly one of my favourites. IMG_5286 A lovely little antipasto platter – using the best ingredients I could find at the markets. Savoury, no need to heat, and can be prepared in advance = winner! From left to right…. IMG_5279 garlic and herb cheese log, sourdough breadsticks, pastrami, truffle salami (!!), smoked prosciutto, gherkins, marinated feta and some kalamata olives. The ‘hit’ at the party was definitely the truffle salami, which is no surprise because its pretty damn good Smile  IMG_5281 As for me, I will always be a cheese girl, so tucked into the garlic and herb cheese log without hesitation. IMG_5283 Definitely a winner when it comes to bringing a plate – all thanks to our local market! What about you? Any savoury ‘bring a plate’ ideas?

Bring a plate – tomato, olive and boccocini bites

IMG_9839 We were invited to a cocktail party recently and asked to “bring a plate”. Something savoury to share, and soak up the effects of tequila-laden margaritas. IMG_9830 And I think these little bites fit the bill just perfectly. IMG_9834 Pitted kalamata olives, baby boccocini and serrano tomatoes (halved), threaded onto skewers (aka.. toothpicks). IMG_9840 For a ‘dip’, I cheated and spooned some store-bought basil pesto into a small bowl in the middle of the plate. IMG_9841 For we all know that tomatoes + basil are a match made in heaven! IMG_9843 Although these take a little time to put together, they are super easy and rather cute! IMG_9836 A lovely little retro ‘bring a plate’ contribution. What about you? What do you bring when asked to ‘bring a plate’?