Fancy Fruit Platter

With the festivities of the Christmas season now in full swing, I wanted to share with you one of my favourite additions to the family breakfast table.  For when the sun is shining, and day ahead is filled with family and celebrations, we like to keep things light and simple at breakfast time (no doubt saving all important calories for later in the day).

Namely – a Fancy Fruit Platter.

Put a bowl of whole fruit in front of me, and I will look at it with relative ambivalence. But slice the fruit and make it into a salad or a fruit platter? Well you won’t keep me (or the kids!) away from it.

On this occasion we filled the platter with all the wonderful seasonal fruits the market had on offer.  Mango, melon, pineapple, pear, passionfruit, kiwi fruit, apricots, nectarines, strawberries, grapes and blueberries.

Served with some lovely vanilla bean yoghurt and honey granola, and we had ourselves quite the delicious start to the day.

Breakfast for dinner

IMG_4018 There are some dishes I am almost 100% guaranteed to order if I see them on the menu. Chicken salads, pad thai and, in the case of breakfast, anything involving smashed avocado and poached eggs. We discovered a new local cafe that serves my favourite breakfast combination a little while ago, and it was so good that I couldn’t wait to have it again. But, this time, we opted to create our own version at home. For dinner. For why limit breakfast dishes to the morning!?? IMG_4009 I started by roasting some cherry tomatoes, that were simply halved, drizzled with olive oil, and baked for 20 minutes or so. IMG_4007 Throwing in some slices of good sourdough at the end – to crisp a little. IMG_4011 Then, while I had a couple eggs poaching, I pulled together the remaining toppings – avocado, fresh basil, pesto and feta. IMG_4012 Piled high, and drizzled with some caramelised balsamic vinegar – and boy did our tastebuds sing! IMG_4015 Creamy avocado + sweet tomatoes + gorgeously runny free range eggs…. IMG_4021 Yep pretty much a match made in heaven! IMG_4024 What about you? Are you a fan of breakfast for dinner?

Feelin’ Frenchy

Happy Saturday lovely people! After a few crazy hectic days, things are starting to slow down in the BBB household – a welcomed relief indeed. My Mum arrived from Melbourne last night, and was a wonderful help in getting our house ready for 20 of my nearest and dearest to arrive this afternoon for my baby shower. And, while I am shortly being kicked out of the house so they can finish setting up (in secret?!), I made sure that we started the day off right. aka. French toast. IMG_4636 Oat sourdough, soaked in egg, and then cooked to perfection by Mr BBB – the French toast king! IMG_4637 Then topped with whatever caught my eye when I opened the pantry. IMG_4638 Peaches, coconut… IMG_4639 And a drizzle of maple syrup. A delicious start to what is going to be a fun day indeed! What about you? What is your favourite French toast topping?

Make mine a (GF) muffin

Training: Bike 31km After a celebratory Christmas and a fun-filled New Years, today was all about finding routine. And balance. We took a long bike ride, ate a healthy lunch, finally organised our new internet connection and caught up with friends for a farewell dinner. But no doubt the highlight of my day was breakfast. IMG_3905 Yes breakfast. For what better way to start the day, than with a batch of fresh, warm, savoury muffins. IMG_3890 IMG_3891 When I woke up this morning, the cooler temperatures had me yearning for a warm breakfast. However, bacon and eggs did not sound that appealing and I have been overdosing on porridge lately. Rather, savoury muffins, eaten fresh out of the oven, were just the thing I was craving. So quick to prepare, the house smelled amazing as these little bundles cooked in the oven. IMG_3892 IMG_3893 Packed to the brim with taste, and enjoyed with a cup of tea. IMG_3894 Just the breakfast I was after. And, once cooled, these muffins  keep well in an airtight container in the pantry so that you can also enjoy them at lunch and afternoon tea! IMG_3902 IMG_3903 IMG_3904  You must make a batch of these sometime soon. Seriously. GF Savoury herb muffins (makes 12)

  • 2 tbs onion relish
  • 2 cups GF self raising flour (or you could use regular SR flour)
  • 100g reduced-fat feta, crumbled
  • 2 cups baby spinach, chopped
  • 1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes, chopped
  • 1 cup grated reduced-fat cheddar cheese
  • 1 tbs dried thyme
  • 1 tbs dried parsley
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 cup low-fat milk
  1. Preheat oven to 160°C. Lightly grease a muffin tray or 12 x silicone muffin moulds.
  2. Combine onion relish, flour, feta, spinach, tomatoes and cheese in a bowl.
  3. In a separate bowl, combine herbs, eggs and milk.
  4. Add egg mixture to flour mixture and stir until combined.
  5. Spoon mixture into prepared muffin tins and bake for 25-30 minutes or until cooked when tested with a skewer.

Variation: You could also add olives or bacon to the muffin batter, or grated carrot / zucchini for an extra veggie kick. What about you? What is your favourite warm breakfast? Happy Baking 🙂

Sunday seconds

Wow – is it Sunday evening already? Today may have lacked the rain we encountered yesterday, but it did not lack in delicious meals. Starting with breakfast. Ever since we had that wonderful breakfast of eggs / asparagus / avocado while on holidays, I have been dreaming about recreating it at home. So with a fridge full of fresh produce, and time for a relaxing breakfast, today was the perfect day to get creative in the kitchen. Here is the original…. IMG_0037 And here is my version! IMG_0167   Perhaps not quite as pretty – but all the right flavours were there. Poached egg, GF toast,  avocado, roasted tomato and asparagus. IMG_0169 Served with  a balsamic reduction – which was super easy to make – and super delicious. The only thing that was missing was a freshly squeezed juice served alongside! I spent much of the day at work (gasp) catching up on work and making a start on my daunting ‘to do’ list. I did, however, break for lunch, and take a wander around the city. Can’t spend the whole Sunday in the office right??? This evening’s dinner was a “seconds” dinner of sorts – utilising the remainder of last night’s tomato salsa. IMG_0170         I heated it in a pan, and added broccoli and chickpeas, and a splash of chilli sauce. IMG_0171 Served with a sweet potato that I had baked in the oven for an hour or so. IMG_0174 And topped with a dollop of natural yoghurt, fresh coriander, and a drizzle of leftover balsamic reduction. IMG_0178 Sometimes ‘seconds’ make some pretty tasty ‘firsts’. Happy Baking 🙂

Mother’s Day musings

What a busy few days we have had…. IMG_7130 Mr BBB and I had a full agenda since arriving in Melbourne on Friday morning.  We managed to spend time with my family, attend my grandfather’s 90th birthday lunch, go for a run, buy a new cook top and range hood, indulge in great company and delicious Thai food with my high school friend and her husband, and drive all the way back to Canberra in time for work tomorrow. I actually have a 6am flight to Adelaide in the morning for work, but let’s not think about that just yet!! I was TERRIBLE  with photo taking yesterday, although I did manage to get a photo of the spritely birthday boy… IMG_7108 And a couple of  family pictures…. IMG_7098IMG_7114 Oh and some photos of the cake(s), of course 😉 IMG_7105IMG_7100 Today was, of course, Mother’s Day and I was lucky enough to spend the morning with my Mum. Since moving interstate almost 12 years ago, getting home for such occasions is  not always possible so it is even more special when we get to celebrate together. Mum has been a constant source of love and encouragement in my life, and I feel that as I get older we are becoming more and more like good friends, rather than just mother and daughter. With the help of my little bro and Mr BBB, we set about creating a special Mother’s Day Breakfast. IMG_7133 The table was set…. IMG_7134 The cocktails were poured… IMG_7136 And the strawberries were dipped in chocolate… IMG_7124   IMG_7126 Our meal started with a breakfast parfait, made with homemade granola and yoghurt… IMG_7128 IMG_7132 Followed by scrambled eggs with crème fraiche and chives, served with smoked salmon (or ham), tomato, spinach and mushrooms. IMG_7141 And finished with chocolate dipped strawberries… because who says you can’t have chocolate for breakfast?!  IMG_7127     IMG_7143  Our bellies full, it was not long until Mr BBB and I had to bid our farewells and hit the road for home. IMG_7152IMG_7159 8 hours, 600km, 1 coffee, lunch and a chocolate cookie later, we arrived home to 2 very happy cats. Time for a little relaxation  before another big day tomorrow. What about you? How did you celebrate mother’s day? Happy Baking 🙂