A high tea baby shower


I think it was only a matter of minutes after my brother and his fiancé shared their wonderful news that they were having a baby – before I asked whether I could throw them a baby shower. For welcoming my own two girls into the world has shown me just how magical babies are, and how much joy and happiness this newest addition will inevitably bring to the whole family.


After finding out they are having a little boy, and that K will soon be inundated with all things trucks, trains and football, I couldn’t resist making the baby shower as girly as possible. An afternoon tea with lots of dainty nibbles, lace and roses. Yes that was the theme of the day.


So a few weekends ago, it was go-time. We cleared out the lounge-room and created an impromptu cafe. Tables were set, food was prepared and the camera was at the ready.

IMG_3525IMG_5004IMG_5001 IMG_4964

The food

Being an afternoon tea, we didn’t go too overboard with food. We filled tiered stands with chocolates, macarons, lemon tarts, scones, sandwiches and quiches (not pictured).

IMG_3517  IMG_3519IMG_5006IMG_4965

We made the scones and the tarts, but ‘cheated’ and purchased the other items.  To drink there was a selection of tea, mineral water and champagne.


The games

I wanted to steer clear of some of the regular baby shower games, so went with a few new ones instead. The first being a ‘pass the parcel’ game, which was a great ice-breaker.


We also ran a ‘what’s in your purse’ tally along with and old favourite – ‘guess the lollies in the jar’.


My favourite game of the day was ‘play-doh’ babies – when each guest was asked to model a baby out of play-doh and the mum-to-be chose a winner.


There were so many creative entries – although a certain 3.5 year old was less than impressed when she did not win….

The favours

My mum had the great idea to order cupcakes instead of a large cake, so that each guest could take one home. The wonderful Sarah at My Little Cake Dream created these beautiful white chocolate cupcakes, that we displayed with pride on the present table.

IMG_4931 IMG_4935

I also separately ordered white boxes, which proved to be the perfect carrier for guests to take a cupcake (or two) home when they left.


And as for the bub, well we had one final gift. Each guest completed a ‘wishes for baby card’ which will hopefully be something nice for him to look back on over the years.


Overall, the mum-to-be was absolutely radiant, and it was a delight to share the occasion with her and her  family and friends.


The details…

Pregnancy Update – Week 36

What a lovely weekend it has been thus far. IMG_5911 Lots of friends and lots of laughs. IMG_5919 My sister in law and niece put on a wonderful baby shower, filled with a variety of games (some more challenging than others!) and some fantastic food (including the GF carrot cupcakes you see in the first photo…..most delicious!) IMG_5923 IMG_5955 IMG_5956 And I (and baby BBB) finished the day feeling positively ‘showered’ indeed! IMG_5983 IMG_5978 But now, its time for another weekly update! How far along? 36 weeks, 4 days. Ie. 3 days away from being considered "full term". Go baby BBB! How big is baby? This week baby BBB has grown to the size of a crenshaw melon. 36-crenshaw-melon Now if only I knew what a crenshaw melon was?! How I’m feeling? Excited. Really really excited to meet our little girl in only a few more weeks. I feel as if I have been pregnant for such a long time. And I guess when you take into account the couple years of "trying" and then the months and months of "treatment", pregnancy (or trying to get pregnant) really has occupied the better part of my last 2.5 years! IMG_4703 (Excuse the tired eyes…girl needs some concealer!?) Weight? Not sure. It seems that perhaps I am one of those people who put on most of their weight in the second trimester, as comparatively I don’t seem to be putting on a great deal of weight in the third trimester. The belly, however, continues to grow, and I am hoping that I can squeeze into what maternity clothes I have for a few more weeks yet. Finishing up work at the end of next weeks ought to help, then it will be shorts / leggings / big t-shirts from then on after I suspect! How I’m changing? With only one week of work left, I am starting to slow down, and looking forward to (possibly) having two whole weeks to myself before baby BBB graces us with her presence. What I miss? Champagne! Trivial, I know, but a glass of bubbly at my baby shower yesterday would have been lovely. Instead, I lived vicariously through my friends. IMG_4704 Symptoms? No major symptoms spring to mind, although I continue to have a few Braxton Hicks contractions when I let myself do too much physically. Cravings? Champagne. See above! Highlights this week? Oh my – where do I begin. This was a wonderful week, with our first antenatal class on Tuesday, a tour of the hospital today, and of course, the gorgeous baby shower thrown for me by Mr BBB’s family. Baby BBB is most certainly so lucky to have such great friends and family also eagerly awaiting her arrival. Not long to go now! IMG_5916