Nursery Number 3

Having 3 girls within 5 years means, inevitably, that our littlest one is likely to get a lot of hand-me-downs from her older sisters. And while the frugal part of me loves that I can re-use so many baby items and clothes, I’m determined to give our littlest one her “own” things too.

Like a newly decorated nursery.

Yes it would have been easy to have kept the room as is (particularly as Little J is still sleeping in there for the moment), but I really wanted to give it a bit of a makeover. Nothing too dramatic – we still have the same key furniture items – just some changes in colours, curtains and cushions to give it a fresh feel.

The result being, that the room now feels like a completely new space!

I didn’t have a specific theme, as such. I just wanted something that was fairly colour neutral, and ever so slightly whimsical.

I started by replacing the blue curtains with a simple grey sheen. Ordered from Ebay for about $20.

I picked up a new mobile from Kmart – to add a little colour to the room.

As for the prints (above and below), I purchased these cute baby animal pictures from Etsy, had them printed, then placed them in the existing photo frames. I’ve actually had the same frames for each nursery, just changed the pictures inside!

Same nursing chair too. Just freshened up with some new cushions – a fluffy pink and simple grey.

And the dresser also got a little spruce up – with the help of some shelves,  a couple plants and other decorative items. The lamp is the same one from J’s nursery.

Speaking of the soon to be middle child, well she didn’t leave my side as I was taking these pictures (so much so that many had the top of a little blond head in them). It seems someone approves of the new-look room!

And now, just for comparison’s sake….

No. 1 – C’s nursery…

No 2. – J’s nursery…

And finally No. 3’s nursery…

Same room – but 3 different looks for what I imagine will be 3 very different girls!

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! You have done a beautiful job. Not long until your precious bundle will be enjoying it too x

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