A little farm break

I feel as if we are treading water right now. The in-tray is growing, and the number of posts I have in draft is rather embarrassing. I suspect it is partly the usual ‘end of year’ rush, but mostly just a case of not seemingly having enough hours in the day. IMG_5097 But there have been moments of fun. Of family.  And we cling on to these pockets of sanity when the crazier moments strike. This last weekend being one such example. A whirlwind trip down the Coast – to the family farm (and for the Batemans Bay Half Marathon – race recap to follow). .We piled into the car Saturday morning, and were home by Sunday afternoon. A short break – yes. But a rewarding one also. IMG_5104 The girls loved the change in scenery, as did we. For it is all too easy to stay in work mode when you are at home. But when you are away? Well the in-box doesn’t seem too pressing. At least for that moment. We played, we patted horses, we went to the beach. We read stories, we camped out in front of the TV and watched cartoons. IMG_5106 Yes it was just the little break that we needed. IMG_5121

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