Almond cake with amaretto syrup

Lately, I have really been enjoying simpler cakes. Less flourish, more flavour. And particularly when infused with citrus. IMG_3314 Or, as was the case on this occasion, jazzed up with the addition of an amaretto syrup. IMG_3322 The cake, itself, was a simple almond cake. Made using almond meal and self raising flour, sprinkled with flaked almonds. IMG_3315 Baked until beautifully golden brown. IMG_3318 But the syrup. That was the real star. IMG_3323 Sugar, water, amaretto – and I also added some vanilla bean for good measure. IMG_3325 Drizzled over the cake – for an extra almond / vanilla sweetness. A delightfully tasty addition to our afternoon indeed. IMG_3365 You can find the recipe I used here. What about you? Do you have a favourite cake at the moment?

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