Charlotte’s “woodland” room reveal

IMG_2751 Considering Charlotte has been in her ‘new room’ for over 6 months now, you could probably say that this reveal is long overdue. Just a tad….IMG_2759 But the whole thing was rather bittersweet, really. Moving C from the nursery to her new room was a big reminder that she is not so little anymore. Sure we were making way for the newest addition to our family, and we had fun picking out a theme together and watching it come to life, but I couldn’t help but feel that the last 3 years have gone by way too quickly. C’s room had previously been the dreaded spare room. You know the one – filled to the brim with all manner of random things – old baby toys, furniture, clothes…Although after we cleaned out all of the clutter that had inevitably filled the room (and relocated most of it to cupboards and the garage), we literally started with a blank canvas! IMG_1216 And I was adamant about two things. First – that it had to be a room that would ‘grow’ with C ie. nothing too age specific. And second – that we would have wallpaper – specifically this tree wallpaper – from Cole & Son. Mr BBB indulged the latter request – and too many pennies later (and an afternoon spent gluing and ruing measurements), a forest feature wall had appeared on that previously blank canvas! IMG_2720 Actually, it was the wallpaper that really set the scene for the rest of the room – which ended up taking on a woodland feel. IMG_2714IMG_2709 We bought a king single bed, along with a trundle for future sleepovers, and picked up a cheap bedside table and lamp from Fantastic. The bedspread was a Kmart special, as were the cushions. IMG_2756IMG_2739 And, you may even recognise a few of the other decorations in the room… the handmade bunting above the window being one – which was recycled from C’s 2nd birthday party! IMG_2713 The other main furniture addition to the room was this gorgeous dresser that we picked up from Ikea (and spent too many hours assembling). IMG_2745 With another little decoration recycled from another party – this time a bunny from C’s 3rd birthday table! IMG_2734IMG_2733 A favourite ‘space saver’ feature in the room would have to be this hanging basket which is the perfect “catch-all” for the multitude of teddies C has collected over the years. IMG_2724 The basket takes pride of place over the little reading nook we created at the end of the bed – featuring the chair that used to be in C’s nursery. Now no longer a nursing chair – but a comfy place to snuggle up and read stories together each night before bed! IMG_2725 IMG_2731 As for the rest of the room – well it is still a bit of a work in progress. I’m yet to decide on bookshelves etc – so for now a selection of books lives in a little basket. IMG_2718 But I am pleased to report that C has settled in beautifully to her “big girl” room – which should hopefully suit for years to come. What about you? Had fun styling any rooms in your house recently?

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