My 6 “must have” items for the second baby

Truthfully, there weren’t many things that we needed to purchase in preparation for little J’s arrival. Sure, I gave the nursery a makeover, and dug out all C’s old newborn clothes and gave them a wash, but there was no need to scour the baby shops in the same way we did before C arrived. IMG_0049 Feeling a little ‘wiser’ this time around, there were still a few specific items that I wanted to purchase in advance. Ones that I knew would come in handy, and others that I perhaps just wanted. And here are my top 6. 1. A feeding journal. IMG_3411 I go completely bonkers when sleep deprived, and could not tell you what time the last feed was – or on which side (even if that feed was only half an hour beforehand). With C, I used a scrappy old notebook to keep track of such things, and was delighted to come across this cute little Feeding Journal at Kikki K. It has, as expected, become my ‘memory’ for all things feeding with J – and comes with me everywhere. 2. Baby Book IMG_3426 Another Kikki K purchase – was this cute Baby Book for recording all the important first year milestones. I was really good at blog-journaling with C – but I never really recorded everything in one place. So,  I bought two of these baby books and am determined to complete one for each of the girls. At some point before they turn 15 Winking smile 3. Ergo / Bubba Moe wrap IMG_3413 With an energetic three year old to run after, I knew that a carrier / wrap would be a god-send. We are yet to use the Ergo (its been a bit hot with the newborn insert) , the Bubba Moe wrap has been perfect while J is so little. Expect to see a lot more babywearing in the future! 4. A new nappy bag IMG_3425 Before J arrived, I’d become a little slack in having a designated bag for all things baby. Basically I’d grab whatever bag I could find as we headed out the door, and stuffed it full of snacks, nappies etc but inevitably forgetting something. Well, this time around, I purchased a designated bag to keep appropriately stocked and ready to grab whenever we leave the house. The added bonus being that it has in-built compartments, a change mat and insulated food bags – along with clips to hang it off the pram. 5. Baby monitor IMG_3414 A ‘must have’ item for us is definitely a baby monitor. Our last one was starting to lose charge, and we only had one handset – so we decided to upgrade to a two handset version. The temperature reading and ‘two way’ microphone being big advantages with this version also. 6. A new camera IMG_3416 Last, but certainly not least, I treated myself to a new camera – a Canon 6D. Something that was by no means ‘essential’, but something I had had my eye on for quite some time. The family jokes that I have the most photographed children they know, so I figured that I might as well live up to the name and at least make them good photographs Winking smile  What about you? Any must-have items for baby the second time around?

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  1. My double jogging pram – it has been my most used baby item (I had three kids under 3), I love it!


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