Falafel with simple couscous salad and tahini yoghurt

IMG_2903 Well, lovely people, I am pleased to report that my cooking mojo is BACK!! Gone are the pregnancy-induced “must only eat carbs” cravings, and my taste for salads and desire to cook have returned. Thank goodness. On the menu earlier this week? Falafel with a simple couscous salad and tahini yoghurt. Although I did cheat and buy some pre-made falafel (an ill-fated decision, on reflection, as these were quite dry). IMG_2896 As for the accompaniments, well these came together really simply. Yoghurt and tahini – mixed together to make a ‘sauce’. A touch of lemon juice or zest would have been wonderful – but sadly  our lemon tree is struggling at the moment… IMG_2898IMG_2899 Also – a couscous salad – made simply with couscous (duh), chopped fresh tomato and parsley. IMG_2900 I threw some pita breads in the oven too – and we soon had ourselves quite the mid-week feast! IMG_2904 As I mentioned above, the falafel were quite dry – but the tahini yoghurt did overcome that to some extent (as well as being a great ‘dip’ for the pita bread). Actually, it reminded me just how much I love tahini – so expect to see it in many future dishes Smile    IMG_2910 Delish! What about you? Are you a fan of tahini?

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