This past weekend, we took a little trip. A family adventure, if you will. With our new camper trailer on the back, we headed ‘over the Clyde’, to spend the weekend with family down the Coast. For life has been a little hectic, of late, and we were all craving some time away. Even if it was only for a few days. IMG_2278IMG_1778 And I am pleased to report, it was just what we needed. Sure, we returned home a little sun-kissed, with fatigued muscles and farm-dirtied clothes, but we also returned home with many fond memories of time spent together. IMG_1795IMG_1784 There were bakery lunches, and flaky sausage rolls eaten roadside (and vanilla slices, well just because). IMG_2285 IMG_2358   IMG_2359 There were tractor rides with grandfather, and even a horse ride too! IMG_1806IMG_1828IMG_1854  IMG_1860  We were kept well fed and well entertained… IMG_1874IMG_1914 – particularly by our adventurous toddler who quite clearly loves the outdoors! IMG_1889IMG_1951 And we are now officially counting down to our next camping trip! IMG_2345 What about you? How was your weekend?

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