Herbed chicken burgers

IMG_1355 As is usual with my cooking, I tend to lean on a certain book or source for a particular week. So, I was not surprised to remember these lovely chicken burgers that I found in this cook book, which also happened to be the inspiration for the pork tacos – in my last post. IMG_1350 And what a delightful little burger they turned out to be. Simply – chicken mince – flavoured with lots of herbs and spices, then bound together with an egg and some wholemeal breadcrumbs. IMG_1351 Shaped into patties, and allowed to rest in the fridge for an hour or so. IMG_1353 I prepared the burgers to this step one late afternoon. Then, when Mr BBB arrived home from work, all we had to do was throw them on the BBQ (with a few slices of pineapple for good measure), and “plate up” with a simple side salad and some burger buns. IMG_1354 The little miss was also a big fan – and although she probably is not the most ‘food focussed’ toddler – she will try pretty much everything. IMG_1356 Delish! What about you? Tried any interesting burger combinations lately?

2 thoughts on “Herbed chicken burgers

  1. I've never made chicken burgers from mince like this because I always thought they'd be dry and tasteless (like the ones I'd eaten elsewhere). Nobody put the herbs in the quantity you do and maybe that makes the difference. I'm going to try these healthier burgers next!

  2. Ah a toddler who tries everything, wow what a star as that's pretty rare. Your chicken burgers look lovely and how nice that their preparation is a team effort.
    Hope you are well

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